Pregnant mother toothache?It may affect fetal development!

When you encounter toothache during pregnancy, it is really painful.For the health of the fetus in the abdomen, expectant mothers cannot abuse medicines because of pain.Can I only endure tooth pain during pregnancy?What should I do if my expectant mother’s toothache should be?How to relieve pain immediately?

1 Several types of pregnancy toothache phenomenon

1. Gingivitis during pregnancy

This is due to the increase in female hormones in pregnancy. In this case, you can buy some mouthwash and rinse your pregnant woman, or rinse your mouth with light saline to relieve the symptoms.

2. Fire

Generally speaking, as long as this is rest on time to avoid staying up late to get angry, it will be eliminated naturally in a few days.

3. Acute pulpitis

For pregnant women, it is best not to take medicine for children’s health, but you can take a little Chinese medicine with Chinese medicine.

4. Tooth decay

In this case, there are peppercorns at home. You can put a pepper pepper on the affected area, so that you can quickly relieve pain.

2 Does gum bleeding affect the fetus?

Pregnant mothers should pay attention, bleeding gums will also affect the development of the fetus!If you don’t pay attention to protecting your teeth and gums, gingivitis will increase, and even develop into periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a more severe gum disease, which is infected with the bones and other tissues that support the teeth through the gums.During pregnancy, severe gingivitis and periodontitis are particularly worth noting. Pregnant women with these symptoms are more likely to have premature birth.

Pregnant women during pregnancy cannot take medicine and have an impact on the fetus.You can try pain relief according to the following method:

1. MSG grining

After the MSG is opened at a concentration of 1: 50, the mouth is spit out after the sperm -containing solution.It continued several times in a row and persisted for a few days.

2. White wine and salt

Take 100 grams of ordinary liquor into the tea tank and add 10 grams of salt; stir, wait for salt to dissolve and cook on the stove.With a sip of pain, be careful not to swallow, toothache can relieve it.

3, massage player

This method can relieve 50%of pain.Take a V-shaped belt connected to the forefinger bones and gently press the ice cubes to this part for 5-7 minutes.This friction method can interfere with the conduction of toothache and nerve impulses.

4. Reasonably adjust the diet

The gum swelling and pain are a manifestation of the fire. Therefore, the diet of pregnant women should be light, and some foods that are lowered can be eaten appropriately. Spicy, fatty, and high -calorie foods need to fast.

5. Eat less cold things

Eat less cold things, don’t eat too spicy food. Eating too much will not only cause gum pain, but also not good for the stomach.Pay attention to the nursing mouth and do a good job of oral hygiene. Once you find that oral discomfort, you should treat it immediately.

3 Pregnant women’s medication treatment should be fully weighed

For pregnant women, once the wisdom toothing inflammation occurs, it is necessary to consider the seriousness between the disease and the medication, and sometimes it has to be treated with medication.

(1) Generally, tooth extraction or surgery is performed during the 4th, 5th, and 6th months of pregnancy, but it should be noted that pregnant women with abortion and premature history should be handled carefully.

(2) In the use of antibacterial drugs, it is not too important to emphasize the safety of the fetus and ignore the should be treated by the mother. In different pregnancy periods, the impact of antibacterial drugs on the fetus is different.The embryonic deformity can cause embryo for about 2-12 weeks of pregnancy, but the effect of drugs on the fetus will be weakened after 12 weeks of pregnancy to childbirth.

Intimate reminder:

Therefore, once oral diseases occur during pregnancy, go to a regular hospital for treatment early to avoid affecting their own health and fetal growth and development.Before pregnancy, you must do oral health care. When the wisdom teeth are obstructive, the following situations occur, such as the merging with severe crown inflammation, lower jaw pain, trigeminal neuralgia, and "obstructive teeth" have invaded the neighboring teeth and caused the neighboring teeth to clean.Caishering, cystic lesions around wisdom tooth, pre -cancer disease damage such as cancer, etc., should be removed in time to remove the worries.

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