Pregnant mother has a focus on the maintenance of the oral cavity

Many women have found that there are many health problems in their teeth after pregnancy. Is pregnancy and dental health?Why do you prefer pregnant mothers?Experts said that the reason why oral health problems occur after pregnancy are related to the following reasons.

1. Changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy

After pregnancy, the level of hormones in pregnant women’s body increases, which can easily cause the capillaries of the gums to expand, and it is easy to cause the gums of congestion, edema, gum hyperplasia, and weakening of the resistance to bacteria in the mouth., Pain, loose teeth, etc.

2. Changes in dietary habits during pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers after pregnancy will change very much. I like to eat sour and sweet food and other snacks.Breeding, causing a series of dental problems.

3. Insufficient nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers have insufficient nutrition during pregnancy: Pregnant mothers lack calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin deficiency, which not only affects the growth and development of the baby, but also makes pregnant mothers have anemia, limbs weakness, severe cramps, numbness of hands and feet, low immunity, etc.It is also easy to cause pregnant mothers to suffer from dental caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis.

What is the safest to see when looking at the teeth?Of course it is when preparing for pregnancy.

(1) Preparation period

Pre-pregnancy examinations are as important as pre-pregnancy medical examinations, especially for women before pregnancy. It is best to check the inadvertent health examination of the first to June of the pregnancy, so that the dentist will do a comprehensive oral examination for you (periodontal disease, dental caries, crown inflammation, residual roots, Crown) and other cases. If the problem is found, it is treated immediately, and do not leave hidden dangers after you are pregnant with your baby.

(2) 1-3 months of pregnancy

At this time, it is the period when the important organs of the fetus. The first three months of pregnancy, most of the pregnancy reactions, coupled with different degrees of tension and anxiety reactions, will definitely bring some inconvenience or exacerbate pregnancy reactions due to stimuli.Try to avoid taking medicine and avoid X -ray irradiation. If you have to treat your teeth during this time, you can only do urgent treatment.

【Can be treated】

1. The severe pulpitis and Zhou Yan Zhou Yan should be opened in time to eliminate the pain and avoid the stimulation of severe pain to the baby.

2. The swollen wisdom of wisdom tooth is performed on the face, and severe gingivitis should be locally cleaned, applied to the spread of inflammation, and must pay attention to oral hygiene.

3. Carefully control the control of medicine if necessary to avoid causing systemic infections.

(3) 4-6 months pregnant

4-6 months of pregnancy is a stage when the oral oral treatment is slightly better during pregnancy. Conventional dental therapy can be performed. It is best to wait for the production of very complicated treatment before the production is completed.If you need to take X-rays at this time, according to the research, the routine shooting 1-4 tooth tablets, the damage of dental radiation to embryos can be ignored, and we also have proper protection (wearing lead) for pregnant mothers.

[Can be treated] For example, Zhou Jie treatment, replenishment (dental caries, wedge -shaped defects), pulp therapy (pulp, penetrating periodontitis treatment), but still mainly treated pain and inflammation, or tooth extraction (be sureBe careful).

(4) 7-9 months of pregnancy

7-9 months of pregnancy, the uterus is more sensitive at this time. Pregnant women with a big belly are not suitable for long-term dental treatment, avoid oral treatment as much as possible. When emergencies need to be treated, they will choose drugs without adrenaline such as adrenaline.It is also safe and feasible.

[Can be treated] During this period, the emergency treatment of gingivitis and dental root inflammation is performed first. In the later stage of treatment, the diagnosis and treatment time of the pregnant mother should be shortened. The regular treatment of dental dentistry can be suspended first and will be performed after delivery.

(5) breastfeeding period

Pregnant women have no special restrictions on the treatment of teeth during breastfeeding and can be treated with various treatment.

[Can be treated] pulp therapy, repair, orthodontics, Zhou Jie treatment, and even tooth extraction, but to formulate a reasonable solution to avoid if you do not use medicine, it is best to take medicine and breastfeeding for more than 4 hours to reduce the drug in the milk in milk.Dose.

Experts also remind pregnant mothers to avoid teeth during pregnancy. Oral cleaning is very important. Each time you eat things, you must brush your teeth and rinse your mouth carefully. You can also use dental floss to remove the food residue embedded in the gap.If the problem is found to take the initiative to go to the hospital for oral examination, solve it as soon as possible, and do not leave hidden dangers or post -troubles.

(The author is Wang Feng, Wang Feng, Changsha Stomatology Hospital)

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