Pregnant image diary

I never expected that I would become a mother at the age of 41.

My husband and I are the same age and are college alumni.We met at the age of 19, loved at the age of 20, and married at the age of 27. Everything was successful, except for having children.

We do not like children, and friends of friends are very close to us.But this kind of love is the love of "Ye Gonghao Dragon" -very happy when playing, and if you are born.

We have always enjoyed the two -person world after marriage and travel twice a year.We have a common circle of friends, similar to watching movies, the three views are in line with, and the arts and sciences are complementary.

I am a photographer in a newspaper, which is an industry with a very low proportion of women.Taking a photo makes me feel fulfilled. Pregnancy and children mean at least half a year. I cannot complete high -intensity shooting, which makes me very anxious.

Just like this, the parents of both sides "spawned" from high pressure to discouraged.It was not until we stood on the 40 -year -old threshold that we realized that there was little time to leave us for giving birth to children.Fortunately, I was pregnant with a 40 -year -old tail.

▽ December 18, 2020 4 weeks+2 days of pregnancy

In the morning, I tested the "two bars" at home, and came to Dongcheng Maternal Maternal and Child Blood to confirm in the afternoon.Really pregnant, it’s amazing.On the one hand, I was uneasy, and I felt that my life was about to open a new chapter.

▽ On January 12, 2021, 7 weeks of pregnancy+6 days

Began to react during pregnancy, sensitive to the taste, and could not smell any aroma; the heartbeat accelerated, and I couldn’t breathe in two steps.Doctors suspect that there is a problem with the heart, and to do a 24 -hour dynamic ECG monitoring.After the monitor was on the back, I felt cool. Press the shutter at the mirror at home. At this moment, I was the Vivian Mel of Cyberpunk.

▽ February 18, 2021 13 weeks of pregnancy +1 days

After pregnancy, I keep doing various inspections.Last time, the heart found more than 10,000 premature beats in 24 hours, but because doctors do not recommend medication during pregnancy, they can only have discomfort.

There is a lot or less pregnancy, as a doctor said: "Learn to get along with imperfect yourself."

Today, I also did an ultrasound examination, looking at the baby lying in my stomach, breeding a little motherly love.

▽ March 15, 2021, 16 weeks of pregnancy+5 days

Today, the tail of the car is limited to the hospital, and I will go to the hospital for inspection. I also caught up with the largest sandstorm throughout the year.Get up in the morning and use three software to turn in turn. I didn’t get it on for 40 minutes. I could only take a bus.I met the diligent Teacher Ju when I went out, and he took the figure of we crossed the road in the sand and dust.Thank you Teacher Ju, this is the first photo of our family of three.

▽ April 7, 2021 20 weeks of pregnancy

Do amniotic fluid puncture today to see if the baby has chromosomal abnormalities.This is the highest risk coefficient in the entire pregnancy test.My friend Ms. Shi was worried about the situation and crossed most of the Beijing City to see me early in the morning.It was only at the hospital that there were no family members to accompany the epidemic.I took this photo at the door of the operating room and put her avatar P by the request of Ms. Shi.This is probably the "cloud companion" during the epidemic.

▽ April 14, 2021 21 weeks of pregnancy

The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the weight of the body is a mob that can’t move every day.My thin motherly love could not hedge the fear of long stretch marks, and began to fall into severe figure anxiety.

▽ May 23, 2021, 26 weeks of pregnancy +4 days

Today, I asked a friend to help me take a "pregnant belly photo", and Ms. Wang personally made a photography assistant.When she knocked on the door with a big bag, I was desperately ate at home, and wanted to make her belly look "decent". Ms. Wang was distressed: "I didn’t want to eat before, and now I know that the stomach is small?"

▽ May 27, 2021 27 weeks of pregnancy +1 days

Today is my 41st birthday.Ms. Shi sent me this puzzle. After 8 years, we finally witnessed that the other party had completed the mother’s role.We have known each other at the age of 18 and have been with each other for more than 20 years. We have long been a friend of our lives.

▽ June 6, 2021 28 weeks of pregnancy +4 days

Looking at the newborn baby with a big belly, the cute little boy is only more than a month.In the future, they will grow up together, this is also their first photo.

▽ June 21, 2021, 30 weeks of pregnancy+5 days of pregnancy

The biggest change after pregnancy -I never eat breakfast. I compromised. In the early morning, I was the best appetite in the day, and I was the least worried about getting fat.None of the staple food can be dropped.

▽ July 11, 2021 33 weeks of pregnancy+4 days

The stomach was crazy, and he couldn’t see the toes when he stood down.I want to get my hair and bother to get out. I faced the mirror at home, repaired with a scissors, and my belly was covered with broken hair, like a furry head.

▽ July 23, 2021 35 weeks of pregnancy+2 days

There is still one month before the due date, and the baby will start at any time.We took out the prepared drool towels and urine pads to clean and disinfect, waiting for new members of the family.

▽ July 25, 2021 35 weeks of pregnancy +4 days

Today I measured the waist circumference, 100 cm.From 68 cm to 100 cm before pregnancy, pregnancy is really a process of reshaping for women’s bodies.

▽ July 31, 2021 36 weeks of pregnancy +3 days

I rarely go out to shoot in the second trimester.The larger and larger stomach compresses the sciatic nerve. I often straighten my arms while pulling my instruments while looking at the gym, so that the pain in the back can be reduced.

▽ August 13, 2021 38 weeks of pregnancy+2 days

For the last birth checkup, the children had no signs of launching.Because of the age and too many non -controlled factors, the doctor suggested that the cesarean section was notified to be admitted to the hospital on August 16.Due to the epidemic, the hospital required a nuclear acid negative report within 72 hours, and we started to make nucleic acids once three days to prevent emergencies.

▽ August 15, 2021 38 weeks of pregnancy +4 days

The last photo before the hospital was not expected, and I was in a complicated mood holding my stomach, just like a movie is about to end, and the biggest mystery will be revealed.

▽ August 17, 2021 38 weeks of pregnancy +6 days

During the epidemic, only one family member could be accompanied. Her husband and Yueyue chose one. Although the husband did not use any use, he didn’t want to be absent from such an important moment. We still think that the family is more important together.

Tomorrow will enter the operating room. While I look forward to the advent of my child, I fall into the anxiety that I can’t wash my hair after giving birth.On this day, I washed three times.

▽ August 18, 2021 39 weeks of pregnancy

At 7 in the morning, I was waiting for the operating room doctor to pick up the bed.The cesarean section is a semi -hemp surgery, without pain, but it can clearly feel the moment when the child is dragged out.After crying, I saw a furry little head.

As a photographer, I have always wanted to take the baby’s first photo.Unfortunately, my coagulation function was too poor. I had 500cc of blood during the operation. I did not slow down for a day.This photo was taken by his father. He was annoyed and shook his hands. I comforted him: "Photography is a regrettable art."

▽ September 10, 2021 Baby 24 days

Today is his 41st birthday, which is probably his most special birthday.

▽ October 22, 2021 Baby 2 months

For the first time, the baby was flying, and Beijing passed from Beijing to Haikou for 4 hours.We went to Haikou to meet with grandmother and grandpa. Because of the epidemic, the old couple had not seen the grandchildren, and we could only keep their mobile phones to see the photos every day.

▽ November 30, 2021 Baby 3 months

From Haikou to return, the epidemic reappeared, and returned to Beijing to request a 48 -hour nucleic acid negative report.There are very few passengers on the plane. The baby is too young to wear a mask. We pulled a piece of gauze to make a simple "mother and baby room".

▽ March 18, 2022 Baby 7 months

After finishing the longest holiday in my career, I resumed work.On the day of the baby’s 7 months, Beijing dropped a rare spring snow.I walked in the snowflakes with a camera, and I smelled the breath of freedom.

It’s great to be able to take photos like this.

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