Pregnant female doctor’s oxygen surgery: I rest my colleagues’ workload and it will be large

Yang Mei was in the operation.

Yangtze Evening News (Correspondent Sun Zhenjiang Xiao Yun reporter Zhang Bin) In the afternoon of the day before yesterday, a touching scene appeared in the operating room of the Second Hospital of Changzhou: Yang Mei Yang Mei, a oracle surgeon in August of the hospital, suddenly felt uncomfortable with false contractions during surgery for patients.With the help of her colleagues, oxygen absorption relieves the symptoms of discomfort and stepped onto the operating table again.Afterwards, Dr. Yang Mei’s deeds were screened by the circle of friends.Colleagues praised them one after another!

Yesterday morning, a reporter from Yangzi Evening News learned that the incident contacted the Second People’s Hospital of Changzhou City as soon as possible.It is understood that the dedicated doctor named Yang Mei was 36 years old. He was a sorer surgeon in the Yanghuyuan District of the hospital and a second -born mother.

The colleagues of the Yangmei operating room were recorded in the circle of friends.When the reporter asked the story behind Yang Mei, Yang Mei was a little embarrassed."I didn’t expect my colleagues to record the situation of surgery while inhalinging oxygen, and I did not expect that it would attract everyone’s attention. It was too difficult." Yang Mei told reporters that there were 5 days, and there were 8 babies in the stomach.It is normal for all indicators of the production inspection.On the morning of August 13th, she felt a tight stomach, and the symptoms of pseudo -contractions appeared. She consulted her colleagues for the first time and learned that this symptom did not affect the surgery.ease.

On the afternoon of the 13th, Yang Mei had surgery, but she never expected that shortly after boarding the surgery, pseudo -contraction symptoms occurred during the operation.At that time, Yangmei’s chest was a little stuffy and her body was uncomfortable.The sisters of the operating room saw her a little uncomfortable, knowing that oxygen absorbing can relieve the symptoms of pseudo -contraction, and immediately suck her oxygen.After the symptoms of discomfort were relieved, Yangmei completed surgery for the patient while inhalinging oxygen.During the operation, Yang Mei did not have false contractions again, and the operation was very smooth.

"Our department is arranged every Tuesday. There are about 10 units a day. If I rest, the workload of other colleagues will be great. I think I have no problem with my body, and the fetal condition is stable.Come over, and there are other colleagues in the hospital to escort, rest assured. "Yang Mei said with a smile that during pregnancy, she had been taken care of by leaders and colleagues, and told her to raise her fetus with peace of mind.She said calmly: "I saw a doctor of a doctor in the Department of Anesthesiology yesterday than me, and insisted on the post. This is all jobs. We also love this job very much."

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