Pregnancy 12: Can you eat casually when you are pregnant?The truth may be different from you

This is the 12th of the series of things I encountered during the pregnancy I recorded. If you are also in pregnancy, you have a lot of confusion, and you may provide you with some references.You can click on the above to follow me to continue watching the follow -up ~

When I was pregnant, my sisters who were losing weight heard that I was awakened recently in the morning. After a joke, I couldn’t help feeling: "I can finally eat it casually when I am pregnant, it’s good!"


Are you kidding me?

As a senior food, the grievances of eating during pregnancy, are there any woods in my heart?

After pregnancy, the first reaction of eating is to check on the phone. Can XXX pregnant women eat?

Come and come, the girls who eat it, let me give you a pot of cold water first:

After pregnancy, many things dare not eat!

For example, hot pot, crayfish, sashimi, etc., the first two are afraid of not cooking parasites, let alone sashimi, let alone be afraid of parasites, dare not eat;

For example, spicy spicy, snail powder, stinky tofu, spicy spicy pot, duck neck and duck skeleton, etc., are afraid of poppy, star anise, protection, cinnamon, etc.

For example, cakes, watermelon, ice cream, and many desserts, afraid of causing blood sugar to be gestational diabetes, etc., can not eat it without eating;

Another example is cola and milk tea.

Some ingredients are not allowed to eat in themselves, such as hawthorn, ginkgo, angelica, etc., are not suitable for pregnant women.Although it doesn’t matter if you eat a little bit, pregnant women with a glass heart still decide to be strict with your mouth and be more at ease!

I dare not eat this after pregnancy, and there is another problem after pregnancy that I can’t eat this and that.

This has to go back to the problem of early pregnancy.

Early pregnancy reactions are generally more serious at 1-3 months. At this stage, pregnant women are often very delicious. This can not smell the smell.It will be better after 4 months.However, it is not ruled out that some pregnant women have almost no pregnancy reaction. The corresponding, that is, some pregnant women, the pregnancy reaction continues the entire pregnancy …

In the third trimester, because the fetus grew up squeezing the abdomen space, the stomach became small, hungry and hungry, but I couldn’t eat it a little …

So, pregnancy is not as an appetite as I imagined, so delicious!

Before I was pregnant, like my friends at the beginning of the article, I once enviously watched the pregnant sister -in -law added meals in the middle of the night and said: I am pregnant, and I eat it casually! "After I was pregnant, I found out so hard.Now that the baby is big, I still feel very hard to think of the days during pregnancy.

Therefore, if your wife is pregnant, please give more care and care. If she picks eaters, she must understand more.

If you are a pregnant mother.You may wish to relax your heart, don’t be too nervous, some things, although the software prompts to eat cautiously, it is not a big deal to eat a small amount. Don’t be too nervous.

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