Precautions before and after surgery

Because of various reasons, many people need to have abortion surgery. In fact, abortion surgery needs to master the right time. The abortion is currently a relatively common method for terminating female pregnancy. Generally, unmarried women who are pregnant.However, the flow of people must seize the opportunity, and premature or late abortion will cause harm to women.

After accidental pregnancy, whether it is choosing a drug or abortion, it will cause physical discomfort to a certain extent.And when women are pregnant, most of them will choose people flow. Because their safety is relatively high than the drug flow, it is generally favored by unexpected pregnancy women.However, there are many women who fail to go to the hospital for people in time for various reasons in real life after pregnancy. When they go to the hospital to do the flow of people, they miss the best time for people to flow. They can only end their pregnancy to end pregnancy.Therefore, I hope that women can grasp the best time for people after accidents. So what harm will people flow early or evening?

The harm of flowing too early and late

1. The pregnancy time is too short, and the changes in the uterus are not obvious. Checking the diagnosis of urine or B -ultrasound is whether it is pregnant, but also the positive rate after 35 days of menopause.Unless there is an environmental detection of internal velveting gonadotropin, it is possible to diagnose early pregnancy.

2. Many women’s menstrual periods are not very regular during menstruation, and they are easily affected by mood, seasonal changes or physical health. Therefore, menstruation is delayed, and sometimes it can be extended to more than 35 days to come to menstruation.Are you pregnant?

3. Premature flow of people (within 35 days of pregnancy): Before 35 days of menopause, the embryo had just developed, and it was very small.Larger.

4. Too late abortion (after 70 days): For more than 8 weeks of pregnancy, fetal bones have formed, abortion has a large chance of harm to the uterine, the uterine volume becomes thinner, the uterine wall becomes thinnerSlow, it can only be induced for more than 3 months. This surgery is difficult, risky, bleeding, and physical damage is very large, and postoperative recovery is also slow, and the cost of surgery is relatively high.

(1) The size of the gestational sac is moderate and the bleeding is small: at this time, the gestational sac is moderate, and the uterine wall is also thicker. The gestational capsule is easy to remove, and the surgical damage is less and less bleeding.

(2) The uterine injury is extremely small and the risk is low: at this time, the abortion surgery is difficult, the minimum of the uterine injury is also the lowest, and the risk is low.

(3) Fast recovery after surgery, no hospitalization: Due to small trauma, there is no need to be hospitalized after surgery. The recovery after surgery does not affect work and learning progress, let alone affect future sexual life and fertility.

Therefore, female friends in pregnancy should go out of misunderstandings, grasp the operation time, and prevent unnecessary pain.

Vaginal bleeding after abortion

Generally speaking, there are three common situations in the vagina after the flow of people.

1. Successful abortion surgery.The tissue of all the uterine embryos is absorbed, the uterine contraction is well contracted, the blood vessels are closed, and there are no obvious postoperative bleeding.

2. The abortion surgery fails, does not suck the embryo tissue, and the embryo sac continues to develop. Some patients have a special uterine position. It is not easy to explore the uterine cavity.

3. Penile surgery complications, uterine cavity and cervix adhesion, blocking the blood accumulation channel, and no blood flowing through the vagina.

The first case is normal.The third case will occur in uterine congestion.Uterine congestion is often accompanied by symptoms such as lower abdomen pain, low fever, and uterine cavity infection. Doctors can touch uterine enlargement through gynecological examinations. Patients have a tenderness. B -ultrasound can see the uterine effusion.The accumulation of uterine cavity can easily cause serious consequences such as uterine cavity infection.If you really can’t rest assured, you can go to the hospital for a B-ultrasound at about 10-15 days after the flow of people to learn in detail.

Precautions after people

Do a good job of adjusting diet. Many women go directly to class or go to work after the flow of people. This is completely wrong. This will leave your body sequelae. Therefore, you must pay attention to your body after the flow of women.Talent.

Maintain a good attitude.Maintaining a good mentality is to be done after women’s surgery.Some women may have uneasy emotions after artificial flow. In addition, a few days of bed rest will easily cause emotional fluctuations. Therefore, women must adjust their mentality during this period, relax, and peace of mind.Rest and rest, so as to recover faster.

Keeping the vulva is strictly forbidden to the same room.The uterine mouth has not been completely closed after abortion, and the endometrium also has a process of repair. During this time, special attention should be paid to keeping the external pussy clean and hygiene.Do not take a bath within half a month, so as not to enter the vagina and cause infection.If the abortion is prematurely in the same room, it is easy to cause acute endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and infertility.Therefore, the intercourse is strictly prohibited within a month after the abortion.

Observe bleeding.The vaginal bleeding after abortion for more than a week, even accompanied by abnormal conditions such as lower abdominal pain, fever, leucorrhea and odor and odor.

Do not rush to get pregnant again.The endometrium after miscarriage takes 4-5 months to fully return to normal. During this period, it should be strictly preventing pregnancy again, because this is not good for the growth of the fetus and future production.

Take more rest to prevent excessive fatigue.Some women work immediately after abortion. This is very bad for the body. After abortion, the body will generally become weak. Do not participate in physical labor prematurely to prevent excessive fatigue and cold and trendy.

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