Pre -pregnancy examinations for pregnancy and giving birth to babies

For the baby’s health, if you want your baby, you must do pre -pregnancy examination!Be sure to do pre -pregnancy examination!Be sure to do pre -pregnancy examination!Emphasized three times.

Why do you emphasize pre -pregnancy examination so hard?

It’s because I have experienced it in person and have suffered losses; so I shared it so that everyone no longer suffers from suffering ~~

I had a physical examination every year before I asked my child. Although I was consciously said that I was going to have a pre -pregnancy examination, my husband and I were fortunate that I did not do it. As a result, I went to the hospital for a check -up and found that the rubella virus IGM was positive.And I did n’t have any uncomfortable symptoms. At that time, I thought that this positive should have no problem. As a result, the doctor knew that the IgM positive means that if the infected fetus infected with the fetus may have deformities.

In order to confirm that the diagnosis of rubella virus affects the fetal experience?

1. Stress: Especially my husband can’t sleep well all night all night;

2. Isolation: The community calls to the company and requires office at home to avoid affecting other pregnant women or colleagues;

3. Difficult to register: During that time, I waited on the hospital’s app every day to grab the number to grab the number and also trouble the registration of my colleagues;

4. Difficulty diagnosis: It took 2 months to move to multiple hospitals, and finally shocked the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Because there was no examination before pregnancy, it was impossible to diagnose whether it was infected before pregnancy or the rubella virus infected after pregnancy.In -palace infection.

Because it was unable to diagnose in the end, after all, it was a little life that was really unbearable. My husband and I discussed it and decided to be born.

Although the baby is healthy in the end, the process is really worried (even when others accidentally mention the relevant words, they will cry), because who cannot guarantee 100%, so I try to persuade the baby before the baby will be the baby.Be sure to do pre -pregnancy examination.

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What does rubella virus IgM mean?

The rubella virus has two antibodies: IgG and IGM;

Rubella virus IgG positive:

Prove that the infection has been infected before, and it has been cured now. In this case, you can rest assured that you have a safe pregnancy, which has no effect on the baby’s baby;

Rubella virus Igm positive:

Prove that it is recently infected rubella, which requires treatment and cannot be prepared for the time being.

Robella is a self -limited disease. You don’t have to worry too much. After infection with rubella virus, active treatment, scientific care can be cured soon.However, you cannot prepare immediately after healing. It takes about three months. After the drugs in the body are metabolized, you can continue to prepare for pregnancy.

After infection, it is necessary to note that the disease has strong contagiousness, especially on the day and the day before the onset of the disease.The infectious pathway is mainly closely in contact with the patient. It will be transmitted through the patient’s mouth and nose secretions, and the blood stool is also the main source of infection.

I wo n’t say much about which items need to be checked before pregnancy. I wo n’t say much as a non -medical person.

I am a Mummy who smiles, and now I am a 6 -month -old mother. I am very happy to share with you to share and communicate experience;

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I hope we can grow together on the road of parenting.

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