Postpartum postpartum problems that are not to be ignored after childbirth

There are many new mothers 2-3 days after giving birth. Suddenly, they suddenly found that there was a mass of eggs under the armpits and the pain was unbearable. The mother would think wildly: there is no feeling of nothing during pregnancy.EssenceSome people even suspect that they have had tumors, and some people are worried that there is inflammation in the body and causes lymphadenopathy.In fact, this situation should not worry too much, because this may be a pair of milk.Today Tina is here to tell you what kind of auxiliary milk is?What should I do when I encounter a pair of Mama Mom?

The full name of the auxiliary milk is a pair of breasts, which is a congenital dysplasia mammary gland.Most of the auxiliary milk occurs under the armpit.We know that only after pregnancy, the breasts will develop completely. Before pregnancy, the paramine glands have neither fully developing nor any lactation, and even without any feeling, they will often be ignored by us.

After the mother gave birth, her breasts were active and secreted a lot of milk.Once the auxiliary milk is accumulated, it will cause pain, and it will attract the attention of the mother at this time.

Will there be only women in the paragraph?

In fact, men and women are encountered by men and women, but women are more common than men.Because female symptoms are more obvious during lactation, the care of postpartum auxiliary breasts should attract enough attention.In particular, some mothers do not know or have insufficient knowledge of their auxiliary milk, and the psychological problems arising are the most unwilling to ignore in the nursing work.

Do you need this problem for treatment?

1. Most mothers encountered the side milk problem without medical treatment. In order to relieve pain, cold compresses can be selected appropriately.

2. If it is really painful, you can take painkillers under the guidance of a doctor.

3. It is also a good choice for practical pitch to apply for 24 hours. Most of the time, this mass will gradually fade.

The auxiliary milk itself does not have difficulty in nursing. It is important that the new mother must correctly understand the auxiliary milk. Do not have too much psychological burden. Sometimes our pressure is because we know too little about it. During pregnancy, we read more books in the puzzle period during pregnancy.Is the most important thing …

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