Postpartum pelvic bottom muscle repair exercise, 30 minutes a day, retrieve the sense of firming

On May 12, Ella Chen Jiahua sent a post frankly that he had a child and the bladder prolapse due to a child, and the condition was serious.And the most collapsed is that urinary incontinence is not wet, but the entire pad and pants are soaked.It seriously affects life and emotions.

After the suspension surgery (that is, the body is artificially hanging the uterus and bladder in the body), the body is much better.

Indeed, after being a mother, many girls will find problems such as vaginal relaxation, yin blowing, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, chronic low back pain, uterine, bladder prolapse and other problems.

The most critical cause of these problems is the problem of basin floor muscles.

In yoga, the pelvic foundation is considered to be the root wheel ("Muladhara" in Sanskrit), which is related to our sex and stability.

Therefore, if Ella has not appeared so seriously that it needs medical treatment, it is necessary to repairs and prevent this situation in time.The best active way is to exercise our pelvic floor muscles.After all, they are muscles.

Therefore, please read the following content carefully.

The picture below is the cross -section of the trunk. You will find that this surface is divided into two levels, just like your house.

The top layer is the chest cavity, and its floor is a diaphragm.The bottom is your abdominal pelvic cavity. The floor is a pelvic foundation formed by the pelvic floor muscles. Its main purpose is to support the organs above. During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles will also provide support for the baby.

Just like the furniture in your home requires floor support, your internal organs also require the support of the bottom muscle.So you can imagine what will happen to this house if the floor is collapsed?

In addition, from the perspective of solution, you can see that the muscles in the pelvic floor are pelvic foundation that overlap and synthesize in multiple directions.

There are passageway opening, urethra, vagina, and anus.The pelvic bottom muscles are tightly wrapped around these openings so that we can consciously control these openings.

And the pelvic floor muscles are important for men and women; among men, the pelvic floor muscles support erectile function and ejaculation. Among women, the bottom muscle helps sexual sensation and sexuality.

Yes, the bottom muscle is also important to men.

If the bottom muscle is abstracted, it can be metaphorized to a hammock, a healthy suspension with a healthy muscle tension.

However, when this hammock becomes too weak (hanging the beds sagging) or too tight (tightened the suspension), it will realize the problem.

The weakening of the hammock will become drooping, which means that the pelvic floor muscles are too weak and loose, which may cause organ prolapse, leakage, sexual function and other problems.

The causes of this may be: pregnancy and childbirth, excessive obesity, frequent weightlifting, high impact exercise, chronic cough, nerve injury and older people.

And if the hammock is too tight, it means that the muscles of the basin cannot be relaxed, which may cause constipation, inflammation and other problems.

The causes of this may be: trauma (body or emotion), abdominal surgery, pressure, chronic muscle spasm, muscle fascia adhesion, sequelae of infection, etc.

Many yoga masters have found the method and pattern of yoga to repair the bottom muscles.From the perspective of yoga, the hammock is too weak or too nervous, which is related to the imbalance of the pelvic floor muscles, so we must establish the balance of the pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor muscles are too weak (drooping the hammock), shrink the pelvic floor muscles and pull them up, so shrink these muscles when exhaling, and then keep shrinking for a few seconds when you hold your breath.Release the shrinkage.

In terms of asanas, practicing the hip rotation of the hips can be more tightened upward by your pelvic floor muscles. In addition, you can also practice actions that raise your hips away from the ground with the support of your hips.

The pelvic floor muscles are too tight (the suspension is too tight). When breathing, pay attention to inhalation, helping to relax the bottom muscle down.Practicing more helps to stretch the hip joint and promote the opening of the pelvis.

Method: Sitting on the mat and exercise the upper and downward movement of the bottom muscle with the breath.

Method: Enter from King Kong’s sitting position, leave the hips from the heel, the calf vertical cushion, the torso twist to the right and left, and punch the hands on both sides.(Practice on both sides))

Method: The right foot is 90 degrees in the front large and small legs, the left foot is straightened back, the back of the foot press the pad, the right hand is placed above the right thigh, the left hand is straight up, and the hip is down.(Practice on both sides))

Method: The right foot is 90 degrees in the front large and small legs, straighten the left foot to the back, the forefoot presses the pad, the hip is raised, and the hands are straight up.(Practice on both sides))

Method: Open your feet, the torso down, and grab the ankles on the same side with both hands.If possible, let the forehead support.

Method: Stand, open your feet, open your feet out of the degree that suits you, then your hips are down, and your hands are in front of your chest.Inhale down, exhale up, repeat the array.

Method: Stand, open your feet, the torso goes forward, support the floor with your left hand, the torso twist to the right, stretch your right hand upwards, stay for 5 breathing, and then change to the opposite exercise.

Method: Sit on the cushion, the torso goes forward, and the elbows are relaxed on the ground.

Method: Take 2 bricks, or replace it with books.Sitting on the cushion, the lotus plate or a simple sitting position is fine. Put your hands on the brick, and the hips leave the mat and raise it up.

Method: Lie down on the cushion, press the pad with a small arm, lift up the cushion from the chest, raise your feet upwards, and stay for 5 breaths.

Method: lying on the cushion, bend your knees and legs together against your chest, put your hands on the calf tibia, do dynamic exercises, and draw the circle around your knees.

Method: lying on your back, bent on your knees, your soles close to your hips, compact the mats, straighten your right hand to the direction of the ankle, start with your hips up, and raise your left hand to the top of your head.Exercise.

Finally, enter the big rest.

The above beam should pay more attention to breathing, shrink when exhaling, and relax the bottom muscle when you inhale.

It is a big injury to give birth to a child. Even if the conditions in all aspects are far better than ordinary people, they will suffer such pain, and Ella, a public figure, can share her privacy. I think Chen Jiahua’s attitudeIt is a very good example of contemporary women. It is frank and generous to share their experiences to encourage and warn other mothers to be a mother happily, love children but also to ensure their health.

A doctor of obstetrics and gynecology said that many women only went to the hospital in middle -aged and elderly people. The sequelae produced 20 or thirty years ago were not properly treated. Some women’s uterus completely took out the vagina.Ten years of dung …

These are really unimaginable by ordinary people, maybe not happen to you, but many female friends are plagued by the sequelae of production. It is recommended that everyone must treat and prevent it in time!

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