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Before you are pregnant, are you going to sleep?Sleeping, sleeping sideways, sleeping side, etc. of various sleeping positions.And sleeping is a thing that is both enjoyable and happy. Why do these simple happiness have changed after pregnancy?During pregnancy, why do I need to lie on the left side?

Regarding this question, many people may have their own answers.

Some people will say that for the sake of forbearance, some people say how comfortable and how to sleep.Here, before I answered this question, I would like to tell you the expectant mothers, why are it recommended that pregnant women sleep on the left side?

01. The advantages of the left side position

1. Reduce the tension of uterine blood vessels

Due to the position of the rectum and other organs in the pelvic cavity, the uterus is mostly right.Pregnant women take the left side position to shift the right -handed uterus to the left, thereby reducing the tension of the uterine vascular tension, increasing the placental blood flow, and improving the oxygen supply of the fetus in the uterus.

2. Relieve the problem of lower limb edema during pregnancy

The fetus develops in the middle and late stages, and the uterus increases. Generally, the lower cavity veins will be compressed. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will appear in the third trimester of pregnancy.

If pregnant mothers sleep on the left side, they can increase the blood volume and maintain the blood flow of the uterine arteries, thereby ensuring the blood supply of the placenta.

The edema of the lower limbs can also be relieved. It has great benefits for the improvement of the post -mood of pregnant mothers and the improvement of their own mood.

3. Reduce difficult production

The pregnant mother takes the sleeping position in the left side, and the fetus can decrease along the pelvis diameter along the pelvic diameter under the center of gravity of amniotic fluid.If the pregnant mother has a good contraction before childbirth, and sleeps on the left side, she can correct the mild head problem and reduce the probability of difficulty in giving birth.

02. How to lie on the left side?

It should be lying on the left side of 15-30 degrees instead of lying on the left side of 90 degrees. If you try it, you will know.Sometimes the 90 -degree left side is sometimes uncomfortable, and this posture is more difficult to maintain for a long time.When I fall asleep, I will lie on the left, but what should I do if I always turn over and change the posture after falling asleep?It is best to put on the side of the body with a long pillow, so that you will not turn around.

How to adjust the sleeping position during each stage of pregnancy?

1. Early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively small, and the external force or self -compression will not be very heavy, so pregnant mothers can choose the most comfortable sleeping position (such as supine and side), but also pay attention to try not to compress the abdomen.

However, if you are a mother -in -law mother, you must slowly prepare in advance to change the inappropriate sleeping posture in the past, especially the habit of sleeping on your stomach, and learn to lying on the side.

2. mid -pregnancy

As the uterus and fetus grow up, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to protecting the abdomen. If the pregnant mother does not feel particularly uncomfortable, for the time being, you can choose a sleeping posture on the side or lying on his back.

However, if the amniotic fluid is too much or multiple pregnancy, you must start taking a side -in sleeping position when you are close to the third trimester. Do not lie flat. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but it is also good for the fetus.Some expectant mothers will feel edema and heavy lower limbs, which can raise their lower limbs to relieve.

3. The early pregnancy

The uterus will be slightly right, and the wrong posture can easily increase the compression of the uterus to the surrounding tissues and organs, especially the compression of the abdominal aorta and lower cavity veins, affecting the blood flow of the uterine placenta, and may also cause hypoxia in the fetus.

Therefore, there are requirements for sleeping positions in the third trimester. Generally, they must lie on the left side to correct the right rotation of the uterus, which is conducive to the growth and development of the baby.You cannot lie flat, otherwise it is easy to occur in hypotension syndrome in supine positions, and discomfort such as dizziness, panic, nausea, breathing difficulties, and weak limbs.

03. Is the left side lying on the left during pregnancy?

Answer: Depending on the actual situation of each person, it is determined according to the situation during pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers have a "uterine left rotation", and this situation is not suitable for the way to sleep on the left, which will increase the uterine left rotation.

Other pregnant mothers have heart -related problems, and they are not suitable for sleeping on the left side of the third trimester, and they will have a burden on the heart.

Of course, it is important to note that the sleeping position during pregnancy should still be comfortable. Take a sleeping position on the left lying position during pregnancy. Do not require pregnant mothers to keep this sleeping position. After all, keep the same sleeping position all night.Come to physical discomfort.

Pregnant mothers can make appropriate adjustments according to the situation. If the pregnant mother feels uncomfortable, such as compression, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc., immediately adjust the sleeping position on the left lying position.

04. The sleeping position that pregnant women should not take

Go to sleep

Perhaps some Baoma in the workplace, lying on the table to sleep on the table at lunch break. In fact, this sleeping posture threatens the health of Baoma and the fetus.Sleeping will affect the respiratory function, which is not conducive to the inhalation of oxygen and the discharge of carbon dioxide. When normal people sleep, they will feel poor breathing, and it is easy to get numb in hands and feet.Emphasized Bao Ma’s lower limbs.

Sleep on the right side

In the early stages of pregnancy, women can take this way to sleep on the right side, but this method should not be taken if it is in the middle of pregnancy or later.

The way to sleep on the right side will rotate the uterus to the right to varying degrees, causing the ligament and membrane in a very tense state to affect the blood supply of the fetus and cause chronic hypoxia in the fetus.If it is severe, fetal death may also be caused.

05. A small way to improve the quality of sleep in pregnant women

1. Drink less water as much as possible before going to bed to avoid going to the toilet frequently at night;

2. Massage your feet muscles before going to bed to avoid cramps on your feet while sleeping;

3. Put your legs appropriately to avoid edema or varicose veins in the lower limbs;

4. Try to keep the lower limbs warm, which is more conducive to sleep;

5. You can make up for the day and use your free time for a while.

6. You can do some relaxing exercises before you go to bed, listen to music, and relax to help sleep;

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