Popular science | Can the pain of childbirth alleviating maternal pain?Will it affect the memory of the mother?

The greatest love in the world is mother love, and mother love is the most holy, lofty and selfless love in the world.

May 14, 2023 coincides with the 110th Mother’s Day. On the days of this world of praise and gratitude, we have prepared a special gift for expectant mothers to take you in -depth understanding of childbirth and analgesics. MoreIt is easy to plan for childbirth, easily produce, full of vitality, and welcome the arrival of new life.

We all know that childbirth is a natural physiological phenomenon. However, the strong contractions and severe pain during childbirth make it unbearable. Some people have said that the pain during childbirth is comparable to that of 20 ribs at the same time.To doubt life.

If the length of childbirth pain can be set within a small range, a small part of the maternal may still be able to persist.In the production process, the maternal energy consumption is huge, and the long -term invalid production has increased the risk of maternal and infants, which has also led to an increase in cesarean production rate.The unbearable pain and the unpredictability of the duration of the output during childbirth have caused the mother to be tortured, and it is painful to collapse, and even the pain.

In the 21st century of the rapid development of medicine, how can we solve this problem today when we vigorously advocate comfortable medical care?Do we have to be as good as the pain of childbirth like a hundred years ago?

Below, we will take you into the analgesics of delivery and understand in depth.

In the analgesics of childbirth, analgesic rod will be used to reduce maternal pain.

What is childbirth analgesic?

Children’s analgesic is to reduce the pain and discomfort during childbirth through various means and various methods.Children’s analgesics are currently divided into two types of drug analgesic and non -drug analgesic. At present, the most commonly used methods in my country are the analgesic in the spinal canal.

What are the benefits of giving birth in spinal canal?

First of all, the analgesic in the spinal canal is effective, and the analgesic effect is clear. The mother maintains the whole process to reduce the fear during childbirth. It can better cooperate with the medical staff during delivery.

Secondly, the analgesic in the spinal canal can reduce the stress response of the mother, reduce the amount of oxygen consumption and the decrease in the blood flow of the uterine placenta, prevent metabolic acid poisoning of the mother, and improve the oxygen and state.After analgesia, the maternal can be fully resting in the first outbound process, and the physical strength is preserved for the final delivery.

The biggest benefit of the analgesic in the spinal canal is that when the removal is coded, you can directly infuse the anesthetic through the interrocer tube to shorten the anesthesia time. While reducing the pain of the maternal, it will win the time for rescue.

Over the abdominal giving birth and analgesics.

What are the taboos of giving birth in spinal canal?

There are mainly the following points in the taboos of analgesia in the spinal canal:

1. Patients refuse or cannot cooperate

2. Skin or soft tissue infection in the puncture site

3. Obvious coagulation disorders or recent use of anticoagulant drugs

4. Cross -horizon occupying lesions cause intracranial pressure to rise

5. Unrelated mother’s low blood capacity

What are the indications for giving birth and analgesics in spinal canal?Under what circumstances is suitable for delivery and analgesics?

As long as pregnant women are giving birth (regular contractions cause cervical expansion and disappearance) and analgesic requirements, childbirth and analgesic can be done.Before the implementation of childbirth analgesia, a comprehensive assessment of obstetricians and anesthesia doctors must be performed.

The following are some hot issues of giving birth in the spinal canal:

Will giving birth in the spinal canal affect the fetus and breastfeeding?

The drugs used in the analgesic in the spinal canal are mainly low concentrations of local anesthetic and very small dose of opioid drugs. The use site is in the spinal canal. Because the amount of drugs is small and does not directly enter the blood, the drug reaches the dose of the fetus in the fetus body.It is little, so it is almost hindered by the health of the fetus, nor does it affect breastfeeding.

Will the analgesic in the spinal canal extend the delivery process?

The amount of local anesthesia in the analgesic in the spinal canal is only about one -tenth of normal anesthesia in normal spinal canal, but it only reduces the pain and discomfort during uterine contraction, and does not affect the contraction, so it will not extend the birth process.

Will giving birth in the spinal canal cause back pain?

The latest research at home and abroad shows that the various operations of giving birth in spinal canal giving birth will not increase the chance of chronic low back pain in mothers.First of all, the anesthesia of many surgery in spinal anesthesia is a widely used anesthesia method for clinical use. It is not dedicated to obstetrics and gynecology. In other surgery, it is rarely reported in back pain.

In addition, the current research believes that many pain and discomfort in the waist of the waist after gynecology, mostly endocrine changes during pregnancy, increased waist and abdomen load, muscles around the pelvis and sacroiliac joints, and fascia tension and spasm;Caused that it has nothing to do with the analgesic in the spinal canal.Therefore, it is recommended that mothers pay attention to postpartum recovery, pay attention to rest, and avoid postpartum back pain.

Is there any anesthesia residue in the analgesic in the spinal canal?Will it affect memory and make me stupid?

There is such a sentence circulating in the folk, "One pregnancy and silly for three years", and women have poor memory during pregnancy or postpartum, mainly because of the changes in hormone levels in the body, large postpartum anxiety fluctuations, decreased sleep quality, and no good rest.Caused.Generally, the symptoms can be relieved by the company’s company and encouragement, sufficient rest, regulating emotions, and drug treatment.

The analgesic in the spinal canal is to inject the hemp drug into the cavity of the epidural or subaralvas cavity. The concentration of local anesthetic drugs entering the blood is extremely low.Residual.So expectant mothers don’t need to worry about.

What are the preparations before the analgesic operation in the spinal canal?

After the anesthesia evaluation is completed, the doctor will inform you of the relevant operating risk and sign the anesthesia informed consent.

Before giving birth in the spinal canal, you will open veins to you, maintain infusion, and prevent hypotension and other complications that may cause possible.At the same time, life signs monitoring and oxygen absorbing, including preparation of puncture position, anesthesia puncture materials and medicines, as well as preparation of anesthesia and emergency equipment.

What do women need to pay attention to during the implementation of giving birth?

First of all, you ca n’t eat solid food in your diet. You can drink some energy drinks such as Red Bull and Jianlibao to save your physical strength.Secondly, it is necessary to cooperate with the guidance, adjust the breathing under the guidance of the guidance, and use it skillfully. The most important thing is that the hard membrane external custody of the back is protected to avoid rubbing hard and the ducts fall off.Because we need to give analgesic drugs through this catheter. On the other hand, in case we need to take a smooth cut, we can immediately administer the catheter to shorten the anesthesia time and improve the efficiency of rescue.

Is the anesthesia effective after the baby is born?

After the baby is born, the doctor will continue to add medicine according to your situation until the suture of the perineum is completed.After observing 1-2 hours, it is determined that there is no bleeding, etc., and then remove the external tube.

At present, childbirth analgesia is a sign of the degree of social civilization. It is related to the health and happiness of tens of millions of families. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more maternal women are increasing.Wishes are getting stronger and stronger.However, some mothers are concerned about the inadequate propaganda and the risk of childbirth analgesia anesthesia. I hope that through our introduction, more pregnant mothers can understand the analgesic of childbirth and increase the awareness of the analgesic of childbirth.And acceptance, so that more maternal benefits, easy production, and full of vitality to welcome new life.

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