Popular science: Why do you have sperm library, but there is no "egg library", the doctor revealed the reason behind

In a small village in the suburbs of Beijing, there is a girl named Zhang Ling.Zhang Ling is young and beautiful, with cheerful personality, and has always longed for a child with her own.

One day, Zhang Ling went out to work, but a serious car accident occurred on the road.Zhang Ling was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.But the doctor told her an unfortunate news that her ovaries were severely damaged and could no longer produce eggs, and she became a woman who could not bred.

Zhang Ling was hit hard by the news, and her beautiful dream was broken like a balloon.She wondered that there was a sperm library. Why was there no egg library?

1. The difference between sperm bank and egg library

Sperm bank refers to frozen male sperm and preserved in liquid nitrogen tanks to prepare facilities in the future.The egg library is frozen and saved in the liquid nitrogen tank, which is also for pregnancy or other uses.The main difference between the two is gender, as well as the characteristics and treatment of eggs and sperm.

1. Storage time: Sperm is easier to save than eggs, because sperm is tiny single -cell creatures, which can be stored in liquid nitrogen for many years or even decades, while eggs need more complicated treatment and technology to store longer.Generally speaking, frozen sperm can be stored for a long time, and the longest storage period for frozen eggs is usually about ten years.

2. Treatment method: The treatment of sperm and eggs is also different.Sperm can be treated at room temperature, such as simply washing and concentration.Eggs need to be more complicated, such as the deodorization of oocytes, deceleration, freezing and thawing.Because the eggs are larger, their internal structures are more complicated, making their treatment more difficult and complicated.

3. Purpose and purpose: The main purpose of the sperm bank is to provide pregnancy services, and the egg library has more uses in preparation.For example, when women need to stop fertility due to cancer treatment, they can freeze and store eggs in order to perform artificial insemination after treatment.The egg library can also provide egg donation services, so that some couples who can’t get pregnant naturally have the opportunity to become parents.

Second, the history and status quo of the sperm bank

1. The development process of sperm bank

The history of the sperm bank can be traced back to the early 1950s.At that time, researchers began to freeze sperm in animal experiments and tried to apply this technology to the field of human reproductive health.In 1953, American scientist Sherman Silber invented a technology that frozen sperm storage and used in human body fertilization, laying the foundation for the development of the sperm bank.

Over time, the development of the sperm library has gone through several important stages.In the 1960s and 1970s, sperm banks began to appear in reproductive health institutions around the world and gradually became popular.By the beginning of the 21st century, the sperm bank had become an important part of pregnancy and reproductive health services, and provided many infertile couples with opportunities for successful pregnancy.

2. The current situation of sperm banks around the world

At present, there are a large number of sperm banks around the world, providing pregnancy and reproductive health services.For example, in the United States, sperm bank has become an indispensable part of reproductive health institutions.According to data from the American Association of Reproductive Medicine, as of the end of 2018, there have been more than 500 sperm libraries in the United States and stored millions of sperm samples.Sperm banks in Europe and Asia are also continuously developing and expanding.

In addition to providing pregnancy preparing services for infertility couples, sperm bank also provides services for people with special needs. For example, single women who need to use "anonymous" sperm for some reason, homosexual couples or couples who need to choose sperm donation, and so on.

Third, the reasons for the lack of "egg library"

Technical restriction: The current technology of frozen eggs is much more complicated than frozen sperm.This is because the eggs are large and are easily damaged during the process of freezing and thawing.At the same time, the internal structure of the eggs is also more complicated, requiring higher technical requirements and stricter control conditions.Therefore, the success rate of frozen eggs is much lower than frozen sperm.

Legal restrictions: Laws in some countries have strict restrictions on the use and treatment of eggs, such as France and Germany forbid non -therapeutic eggs from freezing.These laws restrict the development and use of egg libraries, and also limited people’s acceptance and recognition of frozen eggs.

Social and cultural factors: Compared with sperm donation, the acceptance of egg donation in society is low, and it involves more ethical and moral issues.At the same time, due to the limited number of women’s eggs, donations of eggs may affect the donors themselves, such as affecting their own fertility and physical health.These factors also limit the development and application of egg libraries.

There are obvious differences in sperm and egg libraries in terms of storage time, processing method and use.Although there is no "egg library" like sperm banks at present, with the continuous development of technology and the advancement of frozen egg technology, more egg libraries may occur in the future, so that more people can enjoy frozen egg belt bandsThe convenience and benefits of coming.

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