Polycystic ovary syndrome combined with pelvic cavity severe adhesion and pregnancy case analysis

This example is a 31 -year -old woman. In April 2018, she took ringworm and prepared to be pregnant with her second child.About 2 months, menstrual period, 7 days, a large amount, a little blood clot, no dysmenorrhea, back pain, and menstrual breast tenderness for 2 days.Six sex hormones in October 2018: FSH: 5.21 LH: 11.17 E2: 186.40 PRL: 6.42 T: 1.19, (LH/FSH> 2).After three months, Da Ying 35 was eaten for three months. In January 2019, he checked six sex hormones again, and his husband’s semen was normal.I am relatively obese. The polycystic ovary syndrome is divided according to fat and thin. She belongs to obese type and instructs him to exercise to lose weight. First of all, he must lose weight.Cangfu sputum pills are added and subtracted, dampness and phlegm, and conditioning to promote pregnancy.The main cause of infertility caused by polycystic ovary syndrome is ovulation dysfunction, no ovulation or scarcity ovulation, after conditioning, there are advantageous follicles, but there is no pregnancy, is there any other infertility factors?

Next, the fallopian tube angiography prompts the right tubal umbrella end of the tubal umbrella, and the left fallopian tube umbrella end water is blocked.It is found that there is still a fallopian tube blocking infertility.

On November 26, 2019, a laparoscopic surgery in our gynecological palace was seen. During the operation, the pelvic cavity was severely adhesive. The bilateral fallopian tube was thickened and swollen.The umbrella end is wrapped, the lock, the Douglas nest is closed, and the right tube umbrella end has a little purple blue nodule.After careful separation and adhesion, electrical pelvic rotor nodules, parallel fallopian tubal surgery, restoration of pelvic anatomy, Meilan liquid sees that the bilateral fallopian tubes have Meilan flowing out. The surgery is very successful.The traditional Chinese medicine conditioning of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis avoids the occurrence of adhesion again.This is also very worried that the patient is very worried that it is afraid of sticking again, and the surgery is done in vain. The main reason for this case without adhesion is that our surgery is very serious and meticulous. Generally, the adhesion is completely removed.Second, the use of Chinese medicine oral and traditional Chinese medicine enema with blood circulation and removing blood stasis after surgery has played a very good role

After surgery, it is required to get pregnant as soon as possible, but the ovulation dysfunction of the polycystic ovary syndrome, the follicle development is relatively slow, it feels a bit fast, but it feels like it is a bit fast.Disclosure on January 17, 2020, dialectical is still moisture, giving dry and humid gas, nourishing kidney and promoting. On February 13, because there was no one and a half months of menstruation, it had been eaten for 5 days.On the 24th, the B -ultrasound of the local hospital shows the follicle 2.0*1.6cm. It is a very beautiful and superior follicle. It is not easy for the polycystic ovary syndrome.

Revised on March 25, finally had good news and was pregnant.The last menstrual period is December 30, 2019, and has been discontinued for nearly three months. The B -ultrasound shows 5 weeks. There are fetal hearts and fetal buds.The value is also normal, indicating that embryonic development is normal.The patient was extremely surprised and was currently in the treatment of outpatient tires.

There are more causes of infertility. It is very important to find the cause. It is very important to take targeted treatment. Hacken laparoscopy combined with the examination and treatment of infertility has played a good role. We are very rich in this respect.Experience and successful cases

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