Ping An and Cathay Pacific and Ant Insurance launched the "Pregnant Mother’s Insurance" to specialize in pregnancy and postpartum complications

On December 14, the "pregnant mother insurance" exclusive medical insurance "pregnant mother insurance" launched by Ping An Health Insurance and Cathay Pacific Property Insurance was sold.This product is an exclusive insurance of the Internet. The lowest premium starts from 90 yuan. It covers 24 common complications such as gestational diabetes, severe anemia during pregnancy, amniotic fluid embolism, and eclampsia. It is suitable for expectant mothers who are 20-45 years old and within 24 weeks of pregnancy.EssenceSpecific parents can search for "pregnant mothers insurance" in Alipay and enter the Ant insurance proxy platform for one -click insurance.

Women’s physiological function decreases during pregnancy, and health risks are much higher than ordinary people.It is understood that pregnancy complications are currently the main risks facing expectant mothers. Taking the pregnant mothers aged 30-35 as an example, the comprehensive incidence of gestational diabetes, premature fetal membrane breakdown, pre-placenta, and too little complications of amniotic fluid exceeds more than more than four complications exceeding the incidence of complications exceeding more18%.Because of this, women’s insurance requirements are very harsh when purchasing commercial insurance during pregnancy.

Earlier, most of the dysfunction insurance on the market was concentrated in the risk of low probability of preservation and accidents, and the specific pregnancy complications of maternal women were usually not within the scope of these commercial medical insurance."Pregnant Mother’s Insurance" specifically provides sufficient guarantees for pregnancy and postpartum complications to help expectant mothers at 20-45 years old and within 24 weeks to reduce medical expenditure burden.

The reporter learned that the guarantee period of the "pregnant mother insurance" is 1 year, the deductible amount is 10,000 yuan, and there is a 15 -day waiting period after insurance.Taking the upgraded version of Ping An Health Insurance as an example, the insured person with social security, the inpatient expenses can be paid by 100%after the social security reimbursement and deducting the deduction amount; if the social security settlement is settled, the deductible compensation amount can be paid by 60%.

Taking a 30 -year -old pregnancy woman as an example, it takes 491 yuan to insure the product.Assuming that the woman had complications during pregnancy during insurance, it cost a total of 100,000 yuan during hospitalization.After deducting the amount of social security reimbursement of 20,000 yuan and the deductible amount of 10,000 yuan, the "pregnant mother insurance" can finally pay 70,000 yuan.

In addition, the "Pregnant Mother’s Insurance" also relied on the powerful health management service capabilities of Ping An Health Insurance to provide the insured with health management consultants and task butler services.Health Management Consultant 7 × 24 hours provides 1 -to -1 exclusive health service for expectant mothers, including online consultation, dietary exercise guidance, interpretation of production inspection reports, postpartum recovery, etc.And if the pregnancy -oriented pregnancy disease is required during the guarantee period, the project housekeeper can provide a green channel for examination, hospitalization, and surgery for the triple hospital for examination, and the medical experts designed the treatment plan.

It is understood that Cathay Pacific Property Insurance and Ping An Health Insurance also cooperated with Ant Insurance. It is planned to give the inclusive version of "Pregnant Mother’s Insurance" for free to get a free Plaza version of "Pregnant Mother’s Insurance" to the county in Anhui Jinzhai and Hanyin, Shaanxi in 2020.Serve.

This article comes from the International Finance News

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