Pigs are always coughing, what should I do, how to solve it?

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Pigs are always coughing, what should I do

Pigs always cough may be a problem with food, or because the air humidity is insufficient, or it may be caused by bacterial diseases, such as pork asthma, also known as pig asthma, pig mold pneumonia, or pigs support primary pneumonia., Foreign abroad calls local pneumonia.

Pig infection of respiratory diseases usually cause excessive oral and nose secretions, increased eye secretions, cough, decreased food volume, etc., whether it is chronic or acute, it will cause pigs to lose their appetite and poor mood, resulting in poor mood, resulting in poor mood, resulting in poor mood, resulting in poor mood, resulting in leadingGrowth slowly affects the development and growth of pigs, causing certain economic losses.Especially for acute, pigs may only die or even infected in large areas.The decrease in temperature is one of the important factors that cause pigs to suffer from respiratory diseases, because the cold environment will reduce the resistance of pigs and weaken the ability to resist foreign virus bacteria.

Strengthen breeding management

Nourish yourself as much as possible, self -cultivation, and full advance; keep the air in the house fresh, strengthen ventilation and reduce dust, and artificially remove dry manure to reduce the concentration of ammonia in the house; the environmental temperature of the piglets within 10 to 15 days after weaning should be 28 ~At 30 ° C, the temperature during the conservation stage should be above 20 ° C, at least not less than 16 ° C.Conservation and delivery rooms should also pay attention to reduce temperature differences. At the same time, pay attention to prevent the pigs from overwhelming, use good floor isolation, and regularly deworming the pigs; minimize migration and reduce mixed group stress; avoid sudden replacement of feed, regular disinfection, completely disinfectionSakura and so on.Shooting Tianjian plus+force for pigs.

In short, on the basis of doing a good job of fulfilling full progress, strengthening management and hygienic disinfection, and improving biological safety standards, adding drug control of pregnant sows, especially first sows, and hidden infections.It is the early immunity of the piglets of the preliminary sow, timely quarantine, and immediately isolation of the diseased pigs. According to the specific situation of the pigs, regular medication and prevention of drug use strategies are the key to controlling MPS harm in the control field.

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