Pharmaceuticals and foods: Pumpkin

Pumpkin, a species of cucurbita, a species of pumpkin, a newborn herbaceous plant.

Native to South America, with a history of 9,000 years of cultivation. Columbus brought it back to Europe. It was later introduced by Portugal to Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and other places, and began to enter China in the Ming Dynasty.

Li Shizhen said in "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Pumpkin grows Nanfan and transferred to Fujian and Zhejiang, and there is also a stubborn place in Yanjing today., One man can extend more than ten feet … His son is like winter melon seeds, its flesh is thick and yellow, and it cannot be eaten raw.

It’s so nagging.

All parts of the whole plant are entered into medicine, which has the functions of supplementing qi, anti -inflammatory and detoxifying.

Its seed has the effect of clearing heat and dehumidification, deworming, and has the effect of controlling and killing blood absorption;

Gourd and vine have the skills of flat liver and stomach, pass through meridians, and blood veins;

Guati has the effect of plants, and can also cure toothache;

Melonin can treat sore bloating,

Melon leaves have the effects of treating knife injuries and children’s accumulation.

From the perspective of ancient books,

At that time, people not only ate fruits, but also ate leaves, such as "as a leaf as a cricket, removing the tendons and cleaning",

Flowers can also eat.

The pumpkin stems can be "weaving and 缫 而 而 而 绦紃 绦紃 绦紃."In addition, pumpkin wine is also considered good for health care.

"Materia Medica Seeking" contains: "Steamed and soaked in wine. Its vine is bitter, slightly cold. Ping the liver and stomach, pass through the meridians, and benefit blood."

The advantages of pumpkin are very obvious. It has large output, is easy to live, and has rich nutrition.

The year of waste can be replaced by food.

At that time, pumpkin was an indispensable "life -saving food".

There are many ways to eat, including "pumpkin noodles", "pumpkin porridge", "pumpkin rice", "pumpkin cake".

Today, pumpkin has become healthy rice and health dishes. Because of its low sugar and low heat, detoxification and beauty, it is respected by people.

Pumpkin: warm, sweet.

[Mongolian Medicine] Seeds are used for tapeworm disease, blood absorption.

[Dai Pharmaceutical] Tongga: Roots are used for upper vomiting and diarrhea; fructic cure and burns; fruit stem cure acute mastitis "Cinnamon Book".

"Compendium of Materia Medica": Nourish qi, eat more feet, jaundice should not be eaten with mutton, which is popular.

Although pumpkin is good, according to its characteristics, it is a hair product.

Hair-foods that can be understood as induced, triggered, and helpful for certain diseases. Hair products have induced effects on allergic diseases, rash diseases, skin diseases, certain mental illness, sores, etc.However, there are different types of diseases, and foods that need to be taboo are also different.

Pumpkin is a warm food, so it is not suitable for patients with fever patients to eat pumpkin, such as red eye disease, upset irritability, dry stool, yellow red red and other diseases, or some parts of the body have a burning sensation, which is a fever disease.

In the same way, people who are prone to scabies, often have long noses, and acne people cannot eat.

Pumpkin will also have dampness and heat. Patients with wet diseases should not eat, such as skin diseases, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, rheumatoid diseases and other diseases should not be eaten.

Eating pumpkin frequently, eating too much warmth, can also lead to heat and poison in the body.It is easy to recruit mosquitoes, as long as mosquitoes bite a bite, it is a big bag.

Perhaps because after eating pumpkin, the body will be exhausted, which will lead to the above phenomenon.People who are usually peaceful in their bodies are okay.After injury, if the wound is always red and swollen, the wound will be poor.

Of course, warm and hot foods have this effect. This is also the reason for having spicy hair when there is a wound.

Fire, inflammation, sputum, develop step by step

When recovery, it is important to be peaceful and not needed too much internal fire.

I only know today that there is only one kind of buns sent by the unit cafeteria to the waters: pumpkin filling.


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