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Everyone is eating white pepper powder. Where is white pepper powder?Take a look at the source factory today.

If you have n’t paired with white pepper, you can see it.Today, let’s go to the source factory of pepper powder together to see what is good for white pepper powder?Go, now we have come to the source factory to take a look.

Hello, the boss is it?Yes.I heard that you are professional for making pepper. For decades, you seem to be looking for the right place.Because our family prefers some big fish, big meat and seafood, but we are oily and tired.I heard that it can be delicious with a white pepper.

I told you that you are looking for me to find the right person. Let’s take a look at this white pepper.I have eaten this pepper, and there are white, black green.I tell you that pepper is divided into three categories, three categories.There are black pepper, mountain pepper, and one of our white pepper.I didn’t come in vain. What is the difference between them?Don’t understand, right?

The two I just mentioned earlier. It has its own use, and it is our white pepper.What is the general method?Like you, you usually stir -fry a dish for a soup and cook. The next noodle can be put in a hot pot to put it, add fragrance and taste.Is there so many uses?Yes!You usually love to eat big elbow, then the one who loves to eat for more than half a year, right?The seafood feels like how it tastes like, but we do a bit greasy, that is, it always feels almost taste.You have a less white pepper. When you cook a little, put this pepper and there is no strange flavor, and the dishes will be delicious.I dare to think about it, and I can’t wait to try it. I will say that I am hungry. Let me show you. This is inside, right?Yes, how about this powder is quite delicate.Well smelling, why is this so embarrassed?Oh, you don’t understand anything, I tell you that this is called pepper.Because our pepper is picked from the pepper vine on the mountain, and then after the manual drying and drying, you can see that the packaging is clean and hygienic.That is to say, this process is relatively clean, right to show you the ingredient table, I see if it is very clean, there is no mixed.Come and see, there is really no mixed things, no wonder your reputation is doing well!Yes, this is a reason.But I do n’t cook here. The number of condiments is generally relatively small, but we do n’t use 5 grams and 10 grams.right?Are you afraid of the capacity?Yes, don’t worry, each pack of our family is 30 grams of net content, long -lasting and durable.What about 30 grams?Yes, this is really enough for a long time.In the end, the price is not very expensive, oh it is not expensive to look at it.They all came to our source factory.There are only 9 pieces of 9 pieces here, so it is so cost -effective!

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