Pay attention!The best treatment plan for polycystic ovary, obese girls are pregnant after 1 month of treatment

The polycystic ovary is one of the common diseases among our female friends.Its characteristics generally refer to obesity and hair, accompanied by high blood sugar status.Obesity, as one of the common characteristics of polycystic ovary patients, has always been the most difficult problem in patients in medical or life.In particular, severe obesity, most of them are relatively taboos of laparoscopic treatment.

Recently, I diagnosed a patient Ms. Sun, a typical obese polycystic ovary patient. After my treatment, Ms. Sun was pregnant after a month of conditioning, and the whole family laughed.Before that, Ms. Sun and her husband had not been pregnant for more than two years. Ms. Sun’s weight began to grow rapidly in more than two years before marriage.After inspection, I found that it was a polycystic ovary. After several times of treatment, Ms. Sun found me. After analyzing, I said: Girl, you don’t have to worry, your condition is not so complicated.

I found obesity before marriage, and infertility after marriage!

It is understood that Ms. Sun is 27 years old this year, but at a young age, she weighed more than 200 pounds. When Ms. Sun was young, she was not fat.For more than two years, when she was 22 years old, she was in college at the time. There was almost no activity except for class every day. Therefore, Ms. Sun thought it was an excessive obesity caused by the small amount of activity, and she didn’t care.

However, after Ms. Sun got married, she was not pregnant, which made the Ms. Sun’s family anxious, so she later urged Ms. Sun and her husband to come to the local hospital for examination.As a result, Ms. Sun suffered from polycystic ovary after inspection, so Ms. Sun began a long way to seek medical treatment in the later period. However, after a period of treatment of local hospitals, Ms. Sun did not improve.I had to change the hospital to continue treatment.

After Ms. Sun’s conversion of the hospital, it was still invalid. Some hospitals even pushed away when they heard that Ms. Sun’s situation was likely, so Ms. Sun found a lot of Chinese medicine for help under the recommendation of her family and used Chinese medicine for conditioning.Later, after taking Chinese medicine for a while, Ms. Sun still had no effect. After more than two months, Ms. Sun heard me in the process of discussion with her friends, so she hurriedly found me with her husband.

Find the in -depth analysis of the cause and perform precise treatment!

When I saw Ms. Sun, I first learned about her in detail, and then based on Ms. Sun’s description, I took her to do a corresponding check again. After inspectionIt is relatively difficult to get up, so after analyzing her condition and inspection report, I decided to perform minimally invasive treatment of single -hole laparoscopy.

According to medical research, the thick abdominal fat layer can cause great obstacles to the separation of abdominal walls and organs.In this case, Ms. Sun, Ms. Sun, is also a very difficult patient in polycystic ovary.Especially like Ms. Sun, if the abdomen is opened, the abdomen fat layer is too high due to the excessive obesity of the Sun, which may cause the postoperative knife to recover poorly.The minimally invasive treatment of peritoneal is also very difficult, but as long as it is properly disposed of, whether it is recovered in the later period, or from the perspective of meeting the patient’s needs, it is beneficial.

After in -depth research and analysis, I felt that the minimally invasive treatment of single -hole laparoscopy was performed with a direct look at the navel hole.Only one incision is performed by a laparoscopic surgery through the umbilical umbilical single -hole. All laparoscopic lenses and instruments are completed through this unique hole; compared with porous laparoscopy, the surgical field of view is narrower and the equipment operation space is narrow.And for Ms. Sun’s severe obese patients, there is more fat in the abdominal cavity, making the doctor’s limited operating space in the single -hole surgery became narrower, and it is very difficult to operate.The way of Kong Jin’s abdomen is more suitable for Ms. Sun’s condition.

After the operation, Ms. Sun recovered well. One month after the operation, Ms. Sun successfully became pregnant. After inspection, Ms. Sun’s fetus was very healthy.Finally, I wish Ms. Sun’s family a happy family, the baby is born smoothly, and grows healthy!It is also reminded that friends must pay attention when the body changes, and check immediately to avoid unnecessary troubles to your health.

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