Pay attention to weight loss and exercise before pregnancy

A good physical condition is beneficial to the healthy babies. Many women find that their bodies are not suitable for fertility or may affect fetal development after pregnancy. As a result, they can only endure pain and terminate pregnancy.There are countless examples in real life, which is not only a regret of the family, but also causes great harm to women’s bodies.Proper weight loss and exercise are conducive to the heavy responsibility of women’s body to suffer.

⊙ Losing weight.For women who weigh more than normal standards, plan to prepare a thorough weight loss plan before pregnancy and strictly implement it.Because fatters are very prone to diabetes during pregnancy, it can not only cause harm to the body of the pregnant woman itself, but also cause the fetus to develop or metabolic disorders in the mother’s body, and the fetal hyper insulin ledmia and huge child.Therefore, women who plan to get pregnant and have more than normal standards should pay attention to reducing the intake of fat, starch and sugar, and strengthen physical exercise or exercise.Pregnant.Husbands should help their wives arrange diet reasonably, exercise their bodies with their wives, and meet their physical fitness before pregnancy.

⊙ Exercise.Perform suitable and regular physical exercise and exercise.Most women try to reduce sports or exercise as much as possible.With the advancement of science and medicine, more and more evidence shows that if the couple can perform appropriate and regular exercise before planning for pregnancy, not only can it promote the reasonable preparation of women’s hormones and ensure conception to conceive conception, ensure that conception is conceived.At that time, the balance of hormones in women’s body and the smooth bed of sperm to avoid abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and it can promote the development of the fetus in the pregnant woman and the flexibility of the baby’s body in the future, and reduce the difficulty and pain of pregnant women during childbirth.At the same time, proper physical exercise can also help her husband improve physical fitness and ensure sperm quality.Therefore, for a couple who planned to be pregnant, it should be pregnant after a certain period of exercise.For example: 3 months before the husband and wife planned to carry out appropriate and reasonable exercise or related physical exercise, such as jogging, soft gymnastics, swimming, Taijiquan, etc., to improve their physical fitness, laying a solid foundation for pregnancyEssence

Excerpted from "Children’s Health Rubbing Book-Fetal", People’s Army Medical Press, in 2008, editor-in-chief of Wang Xinliang (Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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