Pay attention to these points during the life of couples during pregnancy, otherwise the operation will be improper, and it will still "surprise"

Many people think that the same room during pregnancy cannot cause pregnancy again. Non -professionals have such concepts to understand, but many obstetrics and gynecologists also have such ideas.It is enough to explain that everyone’s perception of this is still lacking.I don’t pay attention to the same room during pregnancy, and may have unexpected surprises or frightening.

Previously, we thought that the ovaries of women during pregnancy belonged to the vacation period, so the eggs were not formed and ovulated.However, with the advancement of medical research, experts found that a small number of women’s follicles were growing at a slow speed during pregnancy, and they had a certain chance to develop and ovulate under stimulation.After each ovulation, the uterus will be open for a while, and only at this time can the eggs enter the uterus in bed.After fertilization, the fertilized eggs can only enter the uterus to bed after 7 days, so it can only be tested for pregnancy after seven days in the same room.If the first fertilized egg is in bed, and after the other eggs are perfected, the fertilized eggs are formed, and the uterine is used to enter the uterus to bed during the uterine opening, then it is possible to get pregnant again during pregnancy.Therefore, there is a possibility of re -pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, but the probability is low because it must meet the following conditions.

First of all, there must be two eggs that are almost mature at the same time in the month of pregnancy. In most cases, women only discharge only one egg every month. Even if two eggs are discharged, one egg will degenerate.The probability of eggs is very low.Secondly, re -pregnancy during pregnancy must occur in the early stages of pregnancy. While the uterus is still in an open period, and it is necessary to ensure that the sperm quality is no problem, various factors are superimposed, and the probability of pregnancy during pregnancy is very low.But we can’t take it lightly about this, and then we will introduce what you need to pay attention to in the same room during pregnancy.

First, a condom must be used during the same room during pregnancy

During women’s pregnancy, the secretion is more secretion, and the resistance will decrease accordingly. In addition to avoiding the embarrassment of pregnancy during pregnancy, the use of condoms can also effectively isolate bacteria and avoid infection.If you do not wear condoms in the same room during pregnancy, the prostate fluid secreted by men will open the cervix of women, and it will easily lead to premature baby’s birth. Therefore, please use condoms in the same room during pregnancy.

It takes about 10 months to encounter the baby’s birth from sperm eggs. If you do not have the same room with your husband during this period, it will fade the relationship between the husband and wife, and the probability of derailment will increase suddenly.Therefore, the reasonable house during pregnancy is not a big deal. It will not only make her husband love his wife even more. According to foreign experts, the couple during pregnancy will also increase the baby’s intelligence and conducive to the baby’s development.Women’s emotions can easily become bumpy during pregnancy, and irritable emotions can also be relieved due to the same room.

Second, do not use posture in the same room during pregnancy

Because the pregnant woman’s belly is relatively large, men who are contributed to men in the same room, so in order to avoid hurting pregnant women and babies to take a special posture, the most important point of these postures is that they cannot compress the stomach and chest of pregnant women.When the same room, men should not touch the breasts of pregnant women too much, mainly to prevent the occurrence of false contractions.In the same room during pregnancy, we must do a good job in the same room. Although we wear condoms in the same room, they must also be cleaned in advance to avoid causing bacterial infections and not good for pregnant women and babies.

Third, pregnant women must do a good physical examination

Not all pregnant women are suitable for the same room during pregnancy, and some pregnant women are not suitable for the same room during pregnancy.Pregnant women should judge whether they are suitable for the same room during pregnancy according to the regular inspection reports. If the pregnant woman has the symptoms of vaginal bleeding or water out of water, it must not be the same as her husband.At the same time, we must keep in mind that the same house must be moderate, and the frequency is too high. Instead, it is not good for pregnant women

Fourth, please do not have the same room in the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy

Within three months of the beginning of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs are unstable in the uterus, and if the same room may cause abortion at this time.In the last three months of pregnancy, due to the rapid growth of the fetus, the pregnant woman’s belly will become larger.Therefore, for babies and wives, please do not have the same room for the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy.

Everyone must be standardized during the same room during pregnancy. It is not careless. If the operation is improper, it will adversely affect the pregnant women and the fetus, and may even cause secondary pregnancy.

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