Pay attention to these points after making a thin face, so as not to leave the sequelae

Pay attention to these points after making a thin face, so as not to leave the sequelae

Do you need a skin test?

The face -to -face needle generally does not need to do leather tests now, but there is a situation that reports allergies in the world. This allergies are very rare and a very rare probability.

However, in order to prevent adverse reactions such as allergic patients, staying in the hospital for about half an hour after the first injection, and the patient needs to go to a regular medical institution when injection of a thin face needle to avoid causing adverse consequences.

What should I pay attention to after taking a face -to -face needle?

1. After a face -to -face needle, generally, we need to observe in that medical institution, especially for the first time to beat the face -losing face. Some people are allergic. Generally speaking, it will not be a skin test.Stay in the hospital for more than half an hour, and then the doctor said that you can leave, you can leave.

2. After the fight is finished, do not squeeze it hard, because it may cause the diffusion of botulinum toxin when squeezing, because we need botulinum toxin to stay in this pharmaceutical agent instead of spreading like a local.Don’t rub it.

3. Observe whether there is any bleeding or hematoma. Generally, there is no problem, because it is hit by a syringe. Generally, there are no big problems, and the needle is very thin.

4. There is another situation, that is, to see if there are some abnormalities in the later period, such as speaking some surrounding muscles to shrink, some expression muscles will be paralyzed, which may befew.

5. For diet, there are actually no special requirements.Some doctors may recommend eating less, or not eating, or some antibiotics, and some anti -inflammatory medicines, which may be restricted.

The specific situation will give you some instructions. Some instructions will be given to you. You can take a look at it when you go back.Overall, it is a relatively safer treatment method.

Expert tips: In general, the injection of thin face needles should be noted: 1. Observe whether there is a allergic reaction, and some patients are allergic to botulinum toxin. Therefore, after the injection of thin face needles, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for more than half an hour.In order to cause botulinum toxin diffusion; 3. Observe whether bleeding, hematoma and other symptoms; 4. Pay attention to whether abnormal manifestations occur in the later period, such as surrounding muscles atrophy, expression muscle paralysis, etc.; 5. Diet, avoid spicy and irritating food.Specific precautions follow the doctor’s order.

1. People who are not suitable for injection of face -thin needles include: small masseter muscles, inflammation, allergies of botulinum toxin, women during pregnancy, etc.; In general, the scope of application of face -to -face needleBefore the injection of a thin face needle, communicate well with the specialist, and follow the doctor’s advice.

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