Pay attention to four o’clock after abortion, otherwise it will hurt more

In real life, many people do not want their children for work or life reasons for the time being, and have been in a state of contraception.However, because some accidents are pregnant, these people will handle them through people.Although the technology of abortion is getting better and better, many hospitals describe the flow of people very lightly and without pain, but the abortion surgery is still indelible to the body’s harm.

Generally speaking, the damage of the flow includes the following aspects:

1. Generally, when the abortion surgery is performed, all the substances of the uterine pregnancy are used to absorb all the substances of the uterus, but because the invisible is operated by the doctor’s feeling, there will be a certain danger.

2. If the doctor is not grasped well, it will easily damage the inner wall of the uterus.

3. If the treatment is not clean, there will be some pregnancy residues in the uterus, which can easily cause bacterial infections and cause gynecological diseases.

4. If the flow of people repeatedly, this type of operation must be repeatedly performed. Then, the damage to the uterine wall will be repeatedly superimposed, which is not conducive to the bed and breeding of fertilized eggs, and it is also easy to increase the chance of bacterial infection.

In fact, many women will eventually lose their fertility because of too many people. So how many people do not have the ability to conceive?In fact, there is no exact data, because the physical fitness and surgery of each person are not the same, so the number cannot be determined.It does not mean that the flow of people will be difficult to conceive, but the harm of repeated flow of people cannot be ignored, so it is best not to do the flow of people without entering new people.

In addition, after multiple abortion, even if you are pregnant smoothly, it will have an impact on the fetus.Because the environment in the uterus has become very bad after many abortion, affecting the development of the fetus may affect intelligence.

So, how to properly care after the flow of women to reduce damage?details as follows:

First, pay attention to rest and clean.

1. Do not perform physical activity during the abortion, and do not overwork, but you can exercise in moderation.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the genitals. It is best not to use a basin to prevent the bacteria from entering the vagina infection. It is best not to take a bath with cold water.

2. Pay attention to abnormal symptoms.

Artificial abortion will have vaginal bleeding, but after a period of time, the uterus will slowly recover, and the condition of bleeding will stop.If the bleeding condition continues to be relatively long, pay attention to whether there are residues of other substances, and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Third, do not get pregnant again in the short term.

After miscarriage, the uterus and ovaries will take a certain time to recover, and it takes at least a month, so it is best not to have sexual life or new life in this month.

Fourth, a light diet.

It is best not to eat spicy foods after the abortion surgery.

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