Pay attention to diet during pregnancy. If you eat wrong, it will affect your baby’s development

Many sisters who are preparing to get pregnant will start to condition the body a few months in advance, and their diet will start to be cautious, lest they accidentally eat the wrong thing to affect the later pregnancy preparation plan.There are also many sisters who will consult how to eat the right diet and what precautions do during the pregnancy? Today we will talk about the diet of mothers during the pregnancy.

1. Be sure to eat more during pregnancy?

Many older generations of parents will teach some of their experience at the time, saying that when pregnant, one person eats two people, so adults must eat as much as possible, not hungry children … As the modern people’s material life continues to be rich, daily life is richer, daily lifeThe nutrition of life is not as scarce as in the past. The more pregnant women’s diet should not be, but the better, but to be healthy and nutritious.In this way, you can provide sufficient nutrients for the development of various organs in the early pregnancy.

2. What foods can be added during pregnancy?

Supply of high -quality protein: Early pregnancy embryos are in the growth stage of growth and development. If the mother lacks high -quality protein and amino acid deficiency at this time, the fetus will grow slowly, and severe cases will even cause malformations.Therefore, you must pay attention to increasing the intake of high -quality protein. The daily intake is not less than 40g. You can choose foods of milk, eggs, soy products, and nuts.However, it is not advisable to consume too much. Long -term excessive high -protein diet will affect the appetite of pregnant women, increase gastrointestinal burden, cause bloating, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

Foods that are beneficial to pregnant women: whole wheat bread, dairy products, soy products, fruits, lean meat, vegetables (the deeper the color, the higher the vitamins, the higher the content of vitamins) and nuts.

3. What foods should be paid attention to during pregnancy?

Cold food: Many people particularly like to eat crabs, especially during the crab season, but the mother during pregnancy will endure, because the crab is cold and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, especially the crab claws have obviousThe effect of sliding tires, so pregnant women must pay attention.

It should not be salty: The high intake of salt daily has a certain relationship with the incidence of hypertension. If the taste of pregnant women is more salty, it will easily cause hypertension during pregnancy.Therefore, it is recommended that the daily salt intake of pregnant women is about 6g.Warm supplements: Many pregnant women often eat some warm supplements in order to increase the nutrition and health care of the body, such as longan, lychee, walnut meat, ginseng, velvet antler, etc. If you eat too much, you will cause the pregnant woman’s gas to disorder.Consumption will aggravate the pregnancy reaction, and pregnant women will also have symptoms such as edema, hypertension, and constipation.

Foods that are not good for pregnant women: spicy food, caffeine, sweets, monosodium glutamate, ginseng cinnamon and other warm supplements, foods containing additives (high content of canned additives)

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