Papaya flower

The sun is quite large and hot.It is the taste of summer.

Riding a motorcycle and my younger son to the Yuan, I told my son that today is to pick a kind of wild fruit and papaya.

The son responded excitedly.

The vegetation on the summer is dense, and the green is occupied by the hill, occupying a gap.

I rode a motorcycle slowly and searched twice on the road.In those years returning to the village, papaya is indispensable in summer.When the ground is hoeing, the cow will meet the papaya trees unexpectedly.

The papaya tree learns the name of the crown. Eating papaya needs to fade a layer of leather outside, and then there are many white papaya kernels, and then peel off the white skin and eat the green nuts inside.

One year I took a lot of papaya fruit to get it into the city. My mother said that I could try to go to the street to try it to see if I could sell it.When I was a kid, I liked to do such a living, so I took a snake skin bag with papaya to sell it at the door of the cinema.Two or three points of money, one is still selling very fast.A foreigner also came to sell two, and then opened the mouth after opening the fruit!As a result, the astringent vomited and said, "Your child is not authentic, this can’t be eaten at all!" The people next to each other laughed, and someone taught him how to eat.After he tasted it, he gave a thumbs up and apologized to me embarrassed …

The mature papaya fruit is sweet and delicious, which is comparable to green walnut kernels.Cooked papaya kernels cannot be eaten, and the kernels are astringent. When we were young, we often stunned the cooked papaya kernels on the wrist or neck. The papaya kernel was black, and the monk’s rosary was very similar.

When the motorcycle turned over the gap, I found a papaya tree. I stopped the motorcycle and ran away quickly. Although the papaya trees were not large, there were still many.

When my son saw it for the first time, he also said excitedly: "This is papaya. I thought it was like a mango on the Internet!"

I said that this is our northern papaya. Most of them grow on the banks of the ditch, so they are also called Cliff Papaya.

I took some in the car basket, and my son and I returned.The crops on both sides of the crops along the way are lush, and the long -lost rural atmosphere has made me think about it …

Vote me with papaya and report it to Qiong.Papaya may be regarded as extremely ordinary wild fruits in ancient times.But after all, Meiyu rarely.

Make a papaya tree, grow flat often …


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