Parents pay attention!Such fruits are listed in large quantities. After a 4 -year -old child, the 4 -year -old child is taken to the hospital for emergency treatment overnight after eating

Henan Business Daily reporter Wang Meng

After the summer, bayberry, lychee, and peach, etc., are like Ji Ji fruit, which is the good time to supplement the child to supplement vitamins.

But recently, in pediatrics and allergies, there have been many minor illnesses that have "fruit diseases".Because the opening method of eating fruit is not right, some mouths are swollen into "sausages", some diarrhea pulls to dehydration, and some seem to be no different, but the throat is swollen to speak ……

Today, let’s talk about what hidden dangers behind these sweet temptations?How can we avoid?

Case: A plate of dragon fruit, 4 -year -old children can’t speak anymore

Last weekend, Ms. Zhou’s family was blowing the air conditioner to sleep at a nap. I did not expect that the 4 -year -old son to cut a dragon fruit in the living room silently ate a lot.

I was worried that the little guy would have diarrhea if he ate too much. "Who knows that in the night, the child’s pharyngeal cavity suddenly swollen and swollen is particularly severe.

I was taken to the hospital for emergency department overnight, and the doctor pointed out that the child was an acute laryngeal caused by the allergies of fruit.

Li Xin, chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that the dragon fruit is rich in plant albumin, which may be allergens for some children; on the other hand, the dragon fruit contains a lot of sugar, It will also stimulate the throat. For children who have symptoms of mild respiratory tract infection, laryngealitis is a "frequent visitor" who comes to an allergic reaction.

Li Xin reminded that it is not just a dragon fruit, many hot fruits, such as litchi, mango, durian, etc. There are more on the market now, but it is not advisable to eat more, because such fruits can easily cause "fire", such as swallowing throat, such as swallowDry and sore throat, some children will have more eye feces after eating.There are also some cool fruits, such as watermelon, and eating too much can cause diarrhea.

Strip: Fruit eat like this, delicious and safe

Eating mango, you may wish to be "elegant"

Mango contains fruit acids, amino acids, proteins, lacquetols, scalpenols, and immature mango. Aldehyde is potential allergens, which can cause stimulation of skin mucosa and cause allergies.Li Xin said that some children even after eating or contacting mango, they will have red lips, swelling, tingling, itchy throat, rash on their faces and limbs, and can be accompanied by mild edema. Some people also have abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. This is often often."Mango disease".

For people who are allergic to mango, try not to "eat" as much as possible, and do not "hold food" with your hands.Opportunities and allergies to skin.Li Xin reminded that after eating mango, clean the mango juice stained with the skin, periodontal, lips, etc. with water in time, while avoiding hot water and soap with hot water and soap to avoid irritating food.

Afraid of allergies, pineapple can be eaten like this

After eating pineapple, some people will have allergic symptoms such as itching and redness of the skin.

This is because pineapple contains two main allergenic substances: pineapple protease and glycoside, and some allergic constitution may have allergic reactions after eating.If this is allergic to this, it may occur in allergic symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, itching, especially children with poor immunity development and delicate skin, which is more likely to cause allergies.

Put it in salt water before eating pineapple to decompose allergic substances and reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions.It is also a method to cook pineapple cooked food (the taste will be affected).Don’t eat it for those who have confirmed to be allergic to pineapple.

Eat bayberry, remember to remind your child to vomit your nucleus

Bayberry is a high -organic acid content.People with poor digestion, excessive gastric acid, and gastric canal gastric pipes have eaten too much bayberry at a time, not only cannot achieve the effect of "stopping diarrhea", but also stimulate the stomach and intestines and make people "diarrhea".

Bayberry is not resistant to storage, easy to deteriorate and has alcoholic taste. It should be placed in a cool place in the wind, and it is best to put it in the refrigerator.When eating bayberry, it is best to soak in salt water for 10-20 minutes.

Some children are too young. If you eat bayberry, you do n’t know vomiting. If you swallow too much at one time, it is easy to accumulate in the gastrointestinal stomach, causing intestinal obstruction, especially those with basic gastrointestinal diseases.Pole and so on.

Li Xin added that some children are "allergic" to peaches, but they are often just allergic to small hair on the peach skin. In this case, wash the peach hair or pick it up.

More: How to judge which foods are allergic to?

Let’s talk about the method of allergen detection.There are two main types: skin spiny test and serum special IGE test.

See the following figure below:

Serum specific IGE detection is to draw a tube of blood and wait for the results. The report form is generally like this:

The advantage of skin spines is that the cost is relatively low and the result is fast and intuitive. The disadvantage is that it is easily affected by physical conditions and drugs at that time; serum specific IGE test is not affected by drugs and has no risk of allergies.Higher.

According to the test form, we can see that foods that can cause allergic reactions are really diverse.Li Xin reminded, but no matter what kind of allergen testing method is still limited, it is impossible to check all the food, so parents still need to observe more in daily life.For example, if you eat some foods, rash around your mouth or rash on your body, or diarrhea when you touch certain foods.When parents go to a doctor for consultation, they can also tell the doctor to tell the doctor, which is also a very important diagnosis basis.


Some children have no problem with allergens, but allergies will still occur. At this time, it also shows that the child is allergic to this kind of food, and try to avoid eating these foods. Here we must consider another common clinical situation -Food is not tolerated.

Li Xin gave examples, some children eat well, the amount of exercise is very large, and sleep is good, but it is slower growth, and the height and weight do not meet the standards. Then we must pay attention to whether there is food intolerable.If so, the reason why the child may not be long is not caused by slow growth, but because of food intolerance.

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