Parenting fakes caused some citizens to worry about Haikou’s concerns: if the right to leave, but not the "salary bag"

On May 9, 2019, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Infant Care Service for Infant and Toddlers under the age of 3" to encourage trial childcare leave.This "new holiday" gradually entered people’s vision.Recently, Xianning, Hubei, released the "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Development of Infant Care Service for Infant Infant Care Service" in Hubei, which proposed the implementation of "parenting leave", which can be at the age of 1 year.This news once again stimulated the heated discussion of "parenting leave" and "maternity leave" by family and enterprises preparing to give birth to the family and companies preparing to give birth.

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Increase children’s happiness Family members Full expectations

Now, because young parents need to work, the elderly will become the main force with their children.Knowing that Xianning in Hubei released the "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Development of Infant Care Service for Baby and Toddlers under the age of 3", it was the first to propose the implementation of "parenting leave", which can be at the age of 1 year to the infant and young children.Wang Grandma, who specializes in the granddaughter from northeast to Hainan, expressed his expectations."I don’t mean to bring children tired, but that children can always get along with their parents." Grandma Wang believes that his parents, especially the high -quality companionship between the age of 1 and 3 years old,It is very important. "The old saying is good. When I see the old age, I think my parents are more educated and guided within the age of 3, and the child will benefit for life." Grandma Wang said.

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Uncle Zhao brought his grandson and granddaughter with his wife.He thinks it is necessary for "parenting leave"."Our elderly can only take the child near the community. The child’s knowledge is too little. When the parents have a special holiday, they can take the child to go far away."Parents have more holidays, which will help their children’s healthy growth.

Mr. Li was his father for the first time, and he also expressed his expectation for parenting leave.Today, his son is more than 1 year old, but because he often goes out, he has very little time to get along with his child, which makes him very regretful."A business trip, the child is always capable, and always miss it." Mr. Li said that he and his lovers hope to squeeze out the holidays such as "parenting leave" to the children and family, and increase the happiness of children and their own.


If you have the right to leave, you may not be able to keep the "salary bag"

The full -time mother Ms. Ma’s children are dual, her son is in the first grade of elementary school, and her daughter is less than 2 years old. Now she is busy sending her son to school every day every day.Ms. Ma used to be a soft outfit designer. Shortly after pregnancy, she chose to leave because she was unable to withstand heavy work pressure.Simply resigning is to be given birth. "Ms. Ma said that she did not find a job until she was 4 years old. However, she encountered a fired dismissal because she needed to take care of her family for three days.

"Parenting leaves a year can still be acceptable, and more humanistic care is given to employees’ stability of corporate employment teams." A company in charge of a company in Haikou said that he did not dislike the policy of "parenting fake".He introduced that most of the company’s postpartum employees will take the initiative to choose to return to the job in advance, and also perform a better phenomenon in work.However, he also admits that because of the need to take care of the family, the female employees who have individual maternity leave do have poor working conditions after returning to work, which leads to poor performance, which affects the situation of salary and even promotion.

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As the technology industry, most of the company’s company is a male comrade, and the few female comrades have "screened" in advance in the recruitment session."Our positions are limited and the cost of employment is limited. It is impossible to let a post empty for half a year." President Chen introduced that for posts that need women, the company will add "married and pregnant" conditions to ensure the normal operation of the post.Essence

Ms. Fu introduced that, in a educational institution in Haikou, due to the industry’s nature, most employees are young women. Therefore, the problem of employees in the company cannot be avoided.The company chose to discuss with the employee. After the two sides reached a consensus, the communist employees returned early.She returned to the job for a month and needed her family to take her child to the work unit to breastfeed in time. Although it was very troublesome, she was willing to accept it."The company’s salary guarantees my life expenses, and the personal value can be reflected." Ms. Fu said.

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If you can’t say the rejection, you are worried that the unemployment can only meet the difficulties

Ms. Lin returned early after childbirth and did not take a semi -annual maternity leave.It turned out that Ms. Lin had a conversation before giving birth, and asked the individual’s opinion on the time of maternity leave to return to the job in advance.She agreed."As an employee of the company, the company has a work needs, and I also put forward it. How can I refuse? I can only meet the difficulties." Ms. Lin said that at that time, I was worried that she would offend the company because of rejection.In the end, she only took half of the maternity leave, and she took the initiative to return to work, and the child’s breast milk was supplied by frozen.

"The work is under pressure, but when the child’s breastfeeding time, the kind of anxiety is really a person." Ms. Li, a citizen of Haikou, had a second child in a private company. Ms. Ma’s encounter was her concern.Regarding the proposal of "parenting leave", Ms. Li believes that it is more practical to maintain the balance between maternity leave and positions."There are many guarantees in public institutions and large enterprises, but when working in private companies, it is critical to how to choose." Ms. Li said that her unit’s work content was updated quickly.It is found that it is a bit difficult to adapt, and at the same time, work revenue is reduced due to the need to take care of the family.Today, according to the latest policy, she will face maternity leave after the second child. She is most worried about being "eliminated" by the work unit, which reduces her family income, and she is caught in a strange circle of work.Ms. Li said that at that time, she wanted to give up some maternity leave to go to work in advance. After returning to the job, she guaranteed her income in accordance with the company’s work time, while maintaining the job unit’s recognition of herself.

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At present, Hainan’s inferior childcare employees cannot be guaranteed to be guaranteed to be guaranteed to be able to complain to the labor supervision department

It is understood that Hainan has no childcare leave. As for whether childcare leave will be implemented, relevant departments are still studying.

According to the person in charge of the relevant departments of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hainan Province, the maternity leave in Hainan is 188 days. At present, the institutions and institutions are currently in place.How to defend their rights for employees’ maternity leave?The person in charge suggested that the labor supervision department can complain or apply for mediation arbitration.

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The longest year for parenting leave in many places across the country

In June 2019, Xianning was identified by the Provincial Health Commission as a demonstration pilot to promote the development of infant care services under the age of 3.On September 15 this year, Xianning issued the "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Development of Infant Care Service on Promoting Infant and Toddlers under the age of 3", which proposed the implementation of "parenting leave", which can be at the age of 1 year when infants and young children.

The "Implementation Plan" proposes that the "parental leave" is implemented on the basis of implementing the existing production vacation policy on the implementation of the problem of nourishing unmanned care for infants and young children.In the actual parenting leave, both parents of infants and young children can apply, and the longest holidays can be over 1 year old in infants and young children.

At the same time, the "Implementation Plan" determines the five basic models of Xianning City’s exploration and development of family raising, government guidance, unit welfare type, social founding, and child care service.

Xianning is not the first case. "Parenting leave" in many parts of my country has emerged.

In July of this year, the full text of the "Protection Measures for the Rights and Interests of Women’s Workers in Liaoning Province (Draft)" was announced, soliciting opinions from all walks of life, and proposed that more than 10 female employees can establish a female employee committee of the trade union and encourage employersDuring the age of 3 years of age, the husband and wife are given a 10 -day parental leave every year.

In March of this year, Guangdong Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Infant -Guo Toddlers for Infants and Toddlers under the age of 3".In other policies, actively explore the childcare and childbirth vacations that are connected to the infants and young children’s care services.

On March 20, the "Regulations on the Protection of Female Workers in Fujian Province" newly added "encouraging the employer to the husband and wife who comply with the law and regulations of the law, and the couple will be given for ten days of parenting leave each year during the age of three years of age.""Abortion holidays 98 days of abortion holidays" and so on.

The "Regulations on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region", which was formally implemented from November 2019, proposed that the employers encouraged the employers to meet the children and wife who complied with the laws and regulations.Essence

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