Parenting Encyclopedia: 26 weeks of pregnancy, what should expectant mothers pay attention to

It is a long process from the transformation of a girl to a mother to becoming a qualified mother.From the initial embryonic pregnancy to the childcare, mothers need to learn a lot of knowledge.Yesterday, Xiaobian told everyone about the 30 -week pregnancy. Today, let’s talk about these issues that should be paid attention to at 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Generally speaking, at 26 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s eyes can be opened.26 weeks is a more comfortable time during pregnancy.Generally, at this time, I have raised their tires at home. There is no tension that is about to be facing, and there is no pressure brought by work. The whole person’s energy is very good. However, pregnant mothers must pay attention to whether to pay attention to whether the changes in their weightnormal.In terms of diet, you must control it reasonably, and you can eat less meals to avoid overeating.

26 weeks of pregnancy can be performed! Generally, the deformed examination is 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. The purpose is to use a three-dimensional or four-dimensional color ultrasound examination method to eliminate the possibility of deformities through three-dimensional or four-dimensional color ultrasound.It is mainly to check whether the baby’s development in the uterus is in line with the gestational week; whether the fetus is healthy; whether the limbs, brains, organs are deformed; and amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, placenta, etc.You can understand the health and development of the fetus more clearly by inspection.

In the 26th weeks, you may wish to go out to disperse your heart and sun, and prepare for prevention of depression during pregnancy.Keeping pleasant mood is good for the baby’s brain and heart.

The 26 -week pregnant belly is a good time to take a big belly. It is too late to get fatigue. Too early stomach is not enough "round drum", and the effect is not good.Take a big belly photo can add happiness to the boring pregnancy.If it is winter, you must pay attention to keeping warm. If you need makeup, you need to use a pregnant woman for makeup!

Pregnancy hypertension syndrome is a common symptom of pregnant women’s pregnancy and should be prevented early.Under normal circumstances, prospective mothers who are elderly, severe anemia, primary hypertension, chronic nephritis, twins, and diabetes will easily cause pregnancy hypertension syndrome.Healthy mothers should be matched with food and vegetables in their diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables can prevent diseases.

Pregnant education is also a skill that expectant mothers should have during pregnancy.The baby will move at 26 weeks, and the brain is developing well. Expectant mothers can lie on the bed and pat the rhythm in the abdomen with one hand. This is a way of prenatal education.Or you can read some bright and beautiful pictures, children’s story books, and listen to some brisk classical music.

Well, I have to pay attention to everyone at 26 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to the check -up on time! Do not miss the best time for the checkup because of cold weather or laziness.

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