Ovulation is normal but not pregnant?You need to check these places

The relaxation of the second child policy has given many families a dream of having children. Families with children want to regenerate one, while family who just get married want to hold two for three years.As a result, in order to increase the chance of pregnancy, many women use ovulation test strips to check whether they have ovulation before pregnancy.However, even if the measured results show that the ovulation is normal, there is still no time to conceive children!

Ovulation is normal but long -term infertility?What is going on!

After the follicles in women’s ovaries are mature, they will excrete eggs. They are picked up by the fallopian tube umbrella and entered the tubal and sperm combination to form fertilized eggs. Then enter the palace cavity in the uterine cavity and grow and develop a fetus!If women are not ovulation due to abnormal ovulation in the beginning, it is impossible to get pregnant!

Therefore, in the process of pregnancy, the most important and most basic is the excretion of eggs!But why do many people still can’t get pregnant?That’s because the process of pregnancy is quite complicated, and eggs are just one of the essential conditions. If there is something wrong with other places, it will also cause pregnancy difficulties.

Ovulation is normal but not pregnant?You need to check these places

01 ovarian

Ovarian is where the eggs are expelled, so when the ovarian function is abnormal, it is likely to affect the quality of the egg.And even the low -quality eggs are discharged and entered the fallopian tube, it is difficult to combine with sperm, which leads to inaccurate!

02 tubal tube

As we also mentioned above, the fallopian tube is a very important part of pregnancy. It is not only a place for sperm and eggs, but also a "special car" that the fertilized eggs enter the uterine cavity.If the fallopian tube is blocked, it is difficult to get pregnant!

03 reproductive organs

If sperm wants to reach the tube and eggs, we must first enter the vagina through female genitals.It is difficult for sperm to go through the threshold of vagina when genital malformations.Therefore, sperm did not enter women at all. Why should you talk about pregnancy?

The doctor has something to say:

When you see this article, the office workers will be vigilant, instead of office workers, they will be fortunate that they are not office workers, and there is no risk of infertility.But is this really the case?of course not.In fact, office workers are just a concept. It is not that office workers are not easy to give birth, but often playing mobile phones and staying up late.Intersection

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