Only the suffering is suffering?Don’t be frightened first.

Speaking of pregnancy, I think the first reaction of many people is that it is too hard and tired.In October, you need to experience a pregnancy response in the early stage. You will have symptoms of pregnancy, nausea, and no appetite.In the middle period, you must face the situation of your body, deformation, and swelling.In the later period, it is difficult to endure the difficulty of sleeping well and inconvenient action.Therefore, pregnancy is really too hard, but many treasure mothers can endure these hardships and changes in order to have a healthy baby, so they say that the mother is the greatest person in the world.But pregnant will really be the same as everyone said?In fact, this is not the case.

Although it is a very hard thing to have a child, it is still a bit sweet in suffering.Take my cousin, for example, before having a child, her menstruation is very irregular and there are breast hyperplasia. However, after giving birth to a child, postpartum medical examination and found that her breast hyperplasia has improved.Because of breastfeeding, the baby helped the mother to clear the breast.

Wea and weaned the baby later. Come to menstruation. I was surprised to find that my menstruation law.Therefore, my cousin said that in the past, she always felt that pregnant and had children, and only brought about suffering. They had to experience the transformation of girls to become women, to experience the pain of having a child, and to experience how many nights that could not sleep.But in fact, there are more than only unbearable children to give birth to children, but there are many small beauty.

1. Improve immunity

In fact, the occurrence and infertility of ovarian cancer is a bit related to the somewhat somewhat of life. As some doctors say, these diseases do not have children, or children have less children. In the past, women rarely got this disease becauseChildren are more born.Because every time you complete, the concurrent rate of women’s ovarian cancer will be reduced by about 30%, so women who have no fertility will have greater the risk of ovarian cancer. There are also related studies that after the mother completes a child, her own fertility, her herself, sherself herselfImmunity will increase for 10 years. This immunity is mainly targeted at. Some women’s gynecological diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, etc.Although having a child is a very hard work, this great benefit is also envious of many people.

2. Reduce gynecological problems

Some women have some gynecological diseases and irregular menstruation before they have children without pregnancy.But it is amazing that some women are pregnant and after giving birth, these symptoms are gone.In the past, menstruation was irregular, but after giving birth, it became very regular.It may be that during confinement, women’s diet and schedule habits have been well conditioned.Therefore, many elders say that after giving birth, confinement is ready, and people will look younger than before giving birth.

3. Delays menopause

Every girl will have a heart love, no one wants to become old -fashioned and ugly, but people’s natural laws and aging are inevitable, so many women do not want to come early in advance.Everyone knows that women’s eggs are limited throughout their lives. There are more than 400 eggs in total, and one less one is arranged until the eggs are emptied, which means that the menopause of women is coming.Therefore, women who have given birth to children have such an advantage. In the 10 months of pregnancy, there will be no ovulation in the postpartum for several months.This is to delay the arrival of menopause in a certain sense, that is, delay aging.

And pregnant children have brought different experiences to women. I can feel the happiness of being a mother. Watching my baby grow up day and day, watching the children’s innocent smile, I think every every oneMother will feel that even if you are pregnant and have a child, you will be willing to bear it.Because of the joy of God with children, what is the hard work and pain of giving birth to children?

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