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Question: What is artificial flow?

Answer: Unexpected pregnancy because of the failure of contraceptive measures, the artificial measures in the early pregnancy termination will be terminated.

Next, I will introduce three termination methods based on the number of pregnancy weeks.



Those who need to stop pregnancy within 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Those who are not suitable for continuing pregnancy due to various chronic diseases.


The acute period or severe systemic diseases of various diseases need to be hospitalized after treatment.

Acute inflammation of genitals, severe cervical erosion or obvious purulent secretions.

Those who have not corrected acid poisoning in pregnancy drama.

The body temperature is above 37.5 ° C for 4 hours before surgery.

Those who have sexual intercourse within 3 days.

[Preoperative preparation]

Ask the medical history to check the last menstrual period to verify the gestational week.

Physical examination measures body temperature, pulse, blood pressure and gynecological examination.

Test tests, trico, mold, and cleanliness testing of urine pregnancy tests, vaginal secretions, vaginal secretions.If necessary, do hematuria routine, sexually transmitted disease screening, liver and kidney function test.

B -ultrasound determines the size and position of the fetal sac, and the timely abnormal pregnancy and uterine malformations are found in time.

Patients empty their bladder.


Generally, no anesthesia is required. If necessary, you can use a cotton swab dipped in 1%ground scaine to place 3 to 5min in the neck, or use 1%Protaine 3 to 5ml injection at 3 to 9 o’clock in the cervix.

[Surgical operation]

1. Patients with a bladder cut in the bladder, conventional vulva, vaginal disinfection, sterile pores and leg covers. The surgeon conducts double -line diagnosis examinations and reviews the size, position and dual attachment of the uterus.Use the vagina to expose the cervix, 2.5%iodine and 75%alcohol disinfection cervix.

2. Detecting the uterine cavity surgery first pulls the cervical pliers in front lip and pull it out with the left hand outward. The right hand uses the uterine probe to detect the depth of the uterus and use the fingertips to mark it on the probe/.The depth of the cavity is 8-10 cm; 9 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and the depth of the uterine cavity is 10-12 cm.

3. Expansion of the cervix to expand the cervix in the direction of the uterine position in the position of the cervical expansion. Generally, it is generally expanded from the 4th and half to the half or number one of the selected straw number.

4. The straw is attracted to the connection to the straw, enter the negative pressure attraction test, and select the thickness and negative pressure of the straw according to the gestational week. Use 5 to 6 weeks to use 5-6 weeks. The negative pressure is 53.2kPa (400mmHg);6-7 straws, the negative pressure is 53.2 ~ 66.5kPa (400 ~ 50-0mmHg); 9 to 10 weeks 7-8 straws, negative pressure is 66.5 ~ 73.1kPa (500-550mmHg), and negative pressure should not exceed 79.8.8KPA (600mmHg).Send the straw to the bottom of the palace and exit 1cm. The side holes of the straw are facing the front or back wall of the uterine cavity to find embryos. The placenta attached part has a sponge -like feeling.Move up and down to attract the uterine cavity for 1 to 2 weeks to attract the pregnancy.

The signs of the suction are: ⑴ The tube head is close to the palace cavity wall.1 The uterine cavity is reduced by 1.5 ~ 2.0cm.(3) Blood foam appears in the cervix mouth.

5. Clean up the uterine cavity. If there is still a fluff and the molt by suspicion, you can use a small scraper to scrape the palace cavity, gently send the small scraper to the bottom of the palace, and start from the left palace corner to scrape 1 ~Just 2 weeks.

6. Check the suction objects to pay attention to whether there are velvet and embryo. Whether the fluff is complete. The ratio of fluff to the molt is generally 1: 3 to 4.Send all the pathological examinations to a clear diagnosis.


1. Determine that the attractor is negative pressure, and the time of each attraction does not exceed 90 seconds. If the fluff has been sucked, the residual molting can be used to use the negative pressure attraction of a small straw.

2. When the straw passes through the cervical canal, the arter folds the rubber tube with left hand to prevent the vagus nerve excitement from entering out and out of the uterine cavity.

3. Each device that enters the uterine cavity should not touch the vaginal wall to prevent uterine cavity infection.

4. After a bed in the observation room for half an hour after surgery, you can leave when there is no abnormality.

5. Two weeks after surgery or when the blood is not clean, the basin is prohibited from the basics, and sexual intercourse is prohibited within one month.

[Complications and treatment]

1. Bleeding

The bleeding is more than 200ml, which is older in pregnant women and has a large number of births. The pregnancy is greater than 3 months. The negative pressure is not sucked at the bed. The technical technology is not skilled.Should in the cervix of 10 to 20u, pinnate the placenta as soon as possible to remove the uterine tissue.After surgery, it can be given 30g of Yimu Ointment, 2 times/day for a total of 3 days.

2. Artificial abortion syndrome (A-Syndrome)

It is related to expanding cervical speed or jump number and too much negative pressure. Pregnant women often have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, dizziness, pale complexion, and cold sweat.Give 0.5mg muscle injection or 654-2 mountain tadpole 20 mg muscle injection, oxygen absorption, and recover after 10 minutes.

3. Bleral

It was found that the absorption should be stopped immediately. The B -ultrasound was reviewed, and the ectopic pregnancy was strictly prevented.

4. Leakage

Early pregnancy uterus and early pregnancy uterus and deformed uterus that are easily occurred in the extremely early pregnancy, excessive presence or back flexion, and the deformed uterus should be located under the B -ultrasound for implementation surgery.

5. Not fully miscarriage

Some fluffy or molting tissues have not been sucked out. After surgery, the accompanying bleeding lasts more than 1 week, and the blood volume exceeds menstruation. The B -ultrasound will still have light group reflection in the uterine cavity.

6. Uterine injury

Including uterine perforations (Figure 4) and cervical lacerations and failed to find out the size, location or lactation uterus before surgery, the uterine size, position or lactation period is directly related.If you have no obvious symptoms of the probe, observe the follow -up for 1 to 2 weeks, and then perform surgery after the perforation self -healing.If it is an expander or a straw, you need to be hospitalized and observe, and if necessary, he needs to detect it if necessary.If it is a cervical laceration, according to the size and depth of the laceration, use gauze to stop bleeding or 1 chromium -made intestinal intermittently suture the full layer of the cervix.

7. Excessive suction

The endometrium base layer is destroyed, and the monthly passing or amenorrhea is formed, and artificial cycle therapy can be used.

8. Infection, if the temperature of the body exceeds 38 ° C, is hospitalized for acute inflammation.

9. The adhesion of the uterine cavity and the neck tube is too long, the straw rotation speed, frequency of frequency, too high negative pressure, and excessive force may occur. Discose lower abdomen pain may occur.Adhesion, discharge menstrual blood in the uterine cavity, in order to prevent adhesion again, place the metal birthplace, and restore the ring after resuming the three cycles of normal menstruation.

O2 pliers scraping


Those who need to terminate pregnancy from 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Those who should not continue pregnancy due to various diseases within 14 weeks.


Simultaneous scraping.

[Preoperative preparation]

1 to 5 items.

6. Cervical preparation

In order to reduce cervical injury, it is often necessary to make preparations for expanding cervix before surgery. Common methods are

(1) After the Shulean dicotaine is placed for 15-30 minutes, the inner mouth of the cervix can be expanded to more than 10mm.

(2) Put 1 or 2 rubber urethra 1-2 in the cervix 12 to 16 hours before surgery. Put one third of the uterine cavity along the palace wall.

(3) Silicon rubber cervix plug into the inner mouth of the cervix 4 hours before surgery.

(4) Handle bunchon, dry umbilical cord, etc., used to expand the preparation of the cervix. Because of the cumbersome, infected, and poor effect, it has been used less.Usually the cervix of 11 weeks of pregnancy must be expanded to 9 to 11, and the 12th to 14 weeks of pregnancy is expanded to No. 11 to 12. It can be passed through the medium -sized citrus and the 8th straw.

[Surgical operation]

1. Disinfection and scraping.

2. Break the film

Use tooth oval tongs to enter the uterine cavity according to the uterine flexion. After the amniotic fluid is crouched, the oval tongs are retreated to the inner mouth of the cervical pipe to open the clamp leaves to clean the amniotic fluid.

3. Piece clamp placenta and fetus

Estate the ovaries into the uterine cavity along the back wall of the uterine. After the bottom of the palace, a little exit a little. Find the placenta on the back wall or the side wall.Loose, stripped, complete or large pliers.Most or complete placenta are clamped and then claw the fetus. First, the fetus’s body and limbs are first clamped, and the fetal head is finally pinched.

4. Clean up the palace cavity

After most of the placenta and fetal clamping, check whether the fetal placenta is complete, and observe whether the uterine cavity has active bleeding and contraction.If there are more bleeding, 10U cervical injection cossippein is cooked, and 40.0 ~ 53.0kPa (300 ~ 400mmHg) is used with a straw 6 to 7.The two laps feel the rough wall of the palace, and the uterine tightening is clean.


1. Use an oval tong or No. 7 straw instead of probe to detect the depth of the uterine cavity before surgery, so as not to cause a small probe to cause the uterine perforation.

2. When the placenta is difficult to clamp the placenta, you cannot force it forcibly to avoid damage to the uterine muscle wall.

After pinching the fetal bones, in order to avoid the soft cervix movement, the carcass should pass the cervix with the vertical axis when the clamping.

Treatment of co -scraping after surgery.

[Complications and treatment]

1 to 3 items.

4. After the amniotic fluid embolism is broken, amniotic fluid squeezed from the open palace wall blood sinus into the blood circulation, and amniotic fluid embolism can occur.Due to many complications and large damage to the cervical cervix, it should be abandoned. At present, the seductive mortality surgery has been replaced by the drug abortion or continuing to the 4 months.

03 Medica abortion

The advantage of giving medicine to stop pregnancy is that the method is simple, no internal operation, and no trauma.The clinical use of Mepitone and prostaglandin is used for drug flow. More than 80%of them are discharged on the day of observation on the day of observation, and about 70%of the moltation of about 70%will be cleared within 2 weeks, and 1%continues to 50-70 days.


1. The age is 18 to 40 years old, and the menstrual cycle is normal in the past three months.

2. Unsurbing the body hormone drugs.


1. adrenal diseases, diabetes, endocrine diseases, heart disease, asthma, glaucoma, hypertension, liver function abnormalities.

2. Bringing pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, ovarian cancer.

[Preparation before medication]

1.B super diagnosis and the size of pregnancy.

2. Routine hematuria and liver function examination.

[Method and dose]

1. The pregnancy is less than 49 days of rice non -felthone. The first day of the first day is 25mg in the morning, 25mg each morning and evening, 25 mg on the third day, and the front alcohol is 600 μg in 1 hour.The time is increased by 200 μg per hour, and the total amount can reach 1200 μg on the day.

2. 10 to 16 weeks of pregnancy 50 mg of olis ketone 50mg 2 times per day. For two days, on the third day, the vaginal dome is placed in the stuck card.Or placed 600 μg of the prostate alcohol, once every 3 hours, the highest dose is 1800 μg.

Observe closely after medication, if it fails, surgery to terminate pregnancy in time.

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