One question and answer: Does vaginitis affect fertility?

Recently, a patient does not understand what the effect of vaginal inflammation has the impact of adverse pregnancy endings. In view of the many friends who asked related questions, I specifically sorted out relevant information and shared it with everyone.

In this issue, let’s take a look at this problem together: Does vaginitis affect fertility?

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1 What is vaginitis?(Overview)

Vaginitis can be caused by different reasons such as fungi, bacteria, trichomonas, or allergies to baths, underwear, etc., and may also be caused by the decline of estrogen in the body.If there is no clear reason, the medication will not only be cured, but it may also cause normal flora disorders to aggravate inflammation.

Vaginitis generally does not cause cancer, but it may induce other reproductive system infection diseases, and even cause complications such as infertility or ectopic pregnancy, abortion, and cervical erosion.

Moreover, after suffering from vaginitis, the patient was unable to sit in it because of itching, suffering, and vulnerable odor. The recurrence of recurrence was upset, which would affect work and life.Therefore, it is recommended that patients have premature treatment, premature prevention of disease without disease, and standardized treatment.

2 What are the chlamydia and chlamydia vaginitis?

Mycoplasma vaginitis

The pathogen infected by the pathogen mycoplasma includes human -shaped mycoplasma (MH), Jiechi mycoplasma (UU), and germ mycoplasma (Mg).

The clinical manifestation of women’s infection is often in the cervix, and then the vagina is invaded and led to mycoplasma vaginitis.Black vaginitis is more common in the reproductive system inflammation that spreads cervix as the center.Most of the symptoms of obvious consciousness. A few patients have a vaginal fall. When the infection spreads to the urethra, frequent urination is the main symptoms that cause patients’ attention.

Affects the highest infection rate of primary pitch, which can not only cause urinary tract and reproductive tract inflammation, such as non -gonococcal urethritis, vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, in severe cases can cause infection of pregnant women, infertility, infertilityInfertility, the development of the fetus is slow, and the recurrence rate is high, and the treatment is difficult [1].

Chlamydia vaginitis

Pathogrene chlamydia vaginitis is a common sexually transmitted disease, and the pathogen is mainly chlamydia.

The clinical manifestations mostly occur in active people, with a latent period of 13 weeks.The cervical canal is the most common infection site of chlamydia, 70% to 90% of the chlamydia cervical mucositis has no clinical symptoms.If there are symptoms, the vaginal secretion is increased, mucus purulent, and bleeding after sexual intercourse or bleeding during menstruation.If it is accompanied by urethritis, it can cause difficulty in urination, urgency, and frequent urination.Examination shows that cervical purulent secretions, redness and swelling of the cervix, and the crispness of the mucosa.

Affecting chlamydia infection can cause premature birth, dead tires, low weight, neonatal meningitis, etc.In the first place in developed countries in developed countries, the first place in the diseased disease, and the infection rate of chlamydia in my country in China is also increasing.The chlamydia of the trachoma is mainly infected with cylindrical epithelium and migrating epithelium without infringing to deeply, which can cause cervical mucositis, endometritis, and fallopian tubeitis, which eventually leads to infertility [1].

3 What does vaginal inflammation affect the endless pregnancy ending?

● Other reproductive system infection diseases

The vaginal acid and alkali of healthy women (pH value of about 3.8 ~ 4.5) is the most suitable for sperm temporarily retention and passing, but after suffering from vaginitis, the vaginal flora is imbalanced and the acid and alkali degree change may induce other reproductive system infection diseases.Infection can cause gynecological inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis.

● Infertility or ectopic pregnancy, abortion, cervical erosion and other diseases

Vaginitis may also cause influenza or not, which directly leads to infertility or diseases such as infertility or diseases such as ectopic pregnancy, abortion, and cervical erosion.[2]

In addition, many women discover vaginitis during pregnancy. It is possible to infect the disease to the fetus during childbirth and affect the health of the fetus.

Some cesarean section is due to severe vaginitis that is not suitable for vaginal delivery, which more or less increases the cesarean section.

4 Will vaginitis become cancerous?

Vaginitis generally does not cause cancer, but some studies have shown that vaginal inflammation (bacterial vaginitis, Candida vaginitis, and trichomoniasis vaginitis) are related to the infection of the nipple virus (HPV) infection of the reproductive Taoist. It may affect HPV by affecting HPV.Infection indirectly affects the occurrence of cervical cancer [3].

All in all, vaginitis is harmful to the human body. It is recommended that patients have premature treatment and premature prevention.

If vaginitis is clear and properly treated, it is not difficult to treat. Patients can follow the doctor’s advice for treatment. At the same time, they should pay more attention to personal hygiene, especially after menstrual hygiene and sexual intercourse.Basin washing to avoid cross -infection [2,4].


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