One day, three emergency trees were luteum rupture. What exactly is the luteal?Women should understand

Introduction: Each of us is relatively understood by our own physical condition, and we all know what organs in our body exist, but some are not familiar with, such as women’s luteum.

Women’s luteum is mainly in the ovaries, a yellow -granular cell, and women will appear in the body every time a woman ovulates.

After women’s pregnancy, luteal will continue to develop. Hormone secreted by the luteal will thicken the uterine mucosa, prevent uterine contraction, and thereby promoting breast secretion. It is also very important for women.

Usually we may think that there is no problem with luteum, but in the hospital, there are often patients with luteal rupture. Why is this?

One day, three emergency doses were luteum rupture. What is the luteal?Women should understand

Three emergency patients were received in the past few days, and the diseases of these three emergency patients were the same, which is what we call the luteal rupture.The first patient was a 25 -year -old girl. She was particularly pale during the clinic and kept covering her stomach. After careful examination by the doctor, it was found that it was because the luteal rupture caused the abdominal blood to increase blood.

The second patient was a 19 -year -old girl who was particularly painful because of her stomach and even a coma. She was rushed to the hospital by her parents. After careful examination by the doctor, she found that there were many blood in the abdomen.Existing bleeding.

The third patient was a woman who was just married. When the husband and wife lived, the woman felt a special pain in the abdomen, so she immediately came to the hospital for examination. After the examination, it was found that the luteal rupture occurred.

There are many luteal rupture in real life, but what is puzzled by many people is why women are prone to luteum rupture?

1. Broken by yourself

Generally, under normal circumstances, the luteal may have a small amount of bleeding, but if there is a lot of bleeding, the pressure of the luteum will increase the pressure and the rupture of itself.

As we all know, the capillaries are particularly fragile, and the capillaries in the luteal are very fragile. When the luteal develops normally, it may cause blood vessel rupture due to eggs, which causes bleeding.

If the jaundice is ruptured by itself, the capillaries and blood in the luteal will continue to accumulate in the abdominal cavity, and abdominal pain will occur.This situation will last for a long time. If it is not treated in time, it is likely to endanger life.

2. The abdomen is hit, causing luteal rupture

When female friends are hit very large, they will make the abdominal pressure larger, and the luteal cells will rupture.

3. When husband and wife live

When the husband and wife live, women’s reproductive organs are in a state of liberalization. In addition, the motion may be relatively large, which will cause women’s abdomen to be hit to varying degrees, which will cause muscle tissue to suffer, resulting in increased pressure on the luteal.As a result, rupture is occurred.

If the luteal breakdown, the following symptoms will occur.

1. The lower abdomen will be very painful, and even nausea and vomiting will even occur.

2. Girls will have a white face because of pain, and even often sweat.

3. If there is no menstruation, but when bleeding often occurs in private parts, it must be paid attention to, which is likely to be caused by the rupture of the luteum.

For female friends, if the luteal has broken and bleeding, there will be less pain, and there will even be a little bit of pain. At this time, it must be paid attention to. It is best to seek the help of a doctor in time to avoid more serious consequences.

Will luteal rupture affect pregnancy?

Many people may be unfamiliar with many people, but when it comes to progesterone, many people understand that the amount of progesterone is closely related to pregnancy.

There are many women who have bleeding after pregnancy. After going to the hospital for examination, they learned that the reason is due to the low luteal ketone. At this time, it is necessary to supplement the normal development of the baby by supplementing progesterone.

So many people have such doubts in their hearts. When the luteal breaks down, does it mean that women have the ability to get pregnant?According to relevant studies, it is found that luteal rupture does not affect women’s pregnancy ability, but when the luteal rupture is likely, sequelae are likely to occur, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, and these conditions will have a certain impact on the fertility function.

If the progesterone is ruptured after surgery, if you do not pay attention to maintenance or recovery, it is likely that the fallopian tube will adhere, which will cause infertility.

Therefore, for female friends, luteal is a very important existence. Female friends must pay more attention. In addition, they must also protect their abdomen and avoid severe impact.

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