One 44 -year -old woman in Hangzhou eats a piece of folic acid every day. Six months have passed. What is the change in her body?

Once women are pregnant, their weight grows rapidly, and her body shape has become bloated, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, women will have obvious pregnancy reactions, and they will staggence in the second trimester.

With the opening of the three -child policy, more and more families have begun to try to have three babies. It is very difficult to raise the first child under the impact of the era of high -speed development.The mother -in -law even said without back pain, which also caused many women to fear the third child and were afraid of getting pregnant again.

During pregnancy, women have poor physical fitness, are prone to colds and fever, and infected with cold. In order to enhance their physique, most women will eat additional supplements during pregnancy to supplement vitamins. Among them, there is a very special vitamin, that is-folic acid.

For pregnant mothers, folic acid is a kind of vitamin that is not common and is also a substance that pregnant women must be supplemented during pregnancy. Supplementing folic acid during pregnancy can prevent the problem of newborn deformity and mental retardation of newborns, protect the mother and fetus and fetuses.Health.

In addition to the application of folic acid to pregnant women, can women who are not pregnant eat folic acid to maintain good health?May wish to listen to the experience of this Hangzhou woman.


One 44 -year -old woman in Hangzhou eats a piece of folic acid every day. Six months have passed. What is the change in her body?

Ms. Li, who lives in Hangzhou, is 44 years old. Ms. Li and her husband operate a breakfast shop together. The business is hot, the days are busy and happy.Every day, my son also sees that the parents are difficult to learn, hard work, and have won many school scholarships.

In order to provide customers with more convenient breakfast, Ms. Lin and her husband do not lit up almost every day, catch up early, buy the dishes required for one day, and have been busy from 3 am until more than 10 am.As a result, Ms. Li’s physical fitness became worse and worse.

Especially in the past six months, Ms. Li always feels weak. When it comes to rainy weather, it will be painful and uncomfortable. At first, Ms. Li still believes that the menopause is coming.It is said that this situation is a physical weakness caused by insufficient estrogen secretion. Persistence to taking folic acid may effectively improve physical fatigue.

From that moment, Ms. Li insisted on taking a piece of folic acid every day. This has been maintained for 6 months. It is unexpected that Ms. Li’s body has really changed significantly.

What changes have happened to Ms. Li’s body?

(1) The problem of hair loss is relieved

Hair loss has become a major problem that plagues many women. The black and beautiful hair is the dream of most women, but as the rhythm of life accelerates, people’s pressure has become increasing.The reason will accelerate the loss of hair.

Some ingredients in folic acid can inhibit the proliferation of seborrheic dermatitis, repair damaged hair follicles, promote the growth of hair. Women who often lose hair can be relieved by themselves.

(2) Improve sleep quality

The importance of sleep on physical health is undoubted. Many women around menopausal will suffer from insomnia and dreams due to the disorders in the body. Long -term sleep quality is insufficient.efficiency.

After insisting on taking folic acid, Ms. Li found that her sleep quality had been effectively improved. Compared with the present she sleeps more sweetly, she rarely occurs with insomnia, and the symptoms of dizziness and headache have also improved significantly.

(3) Decreased physical fatigue

After insisting on taking folic acid, Ms. Li found that her body was fatigue significantly. Today, she has a strong body and full of energy. She is no longer the original owner of the sickness.

(4) Good complexion

Many women think that folic acid can only take women during pregnancy. In fact, this idea is wrong. As long as you lack B vitamins in your body, you can improve this situation by taking folic acid, because folic acid is a water -soluble B vitaminAdhering to folic acid, it helps to promote blood flow in the whole body, alleviate the deposition of melanin under the skin, and improve the effect of improvement and prolong life.

(5) Enhanced immunity

Immunity is an important line of defense for protecting the body from the infringement of germs. When the immunity is insufficient, the body is susceptible to illness and is prone to cold. Ms. Li often has a cold and fever before taking folic acid.

After insisting on taking folic acid, she found that her immunity became stronger and stronger, her physical resistance increased, and she rarely had a cold and fever. In the past six months, except for folic acid, she has never taken any drugs.

(6) Improve memory

Before taking folic acid, Ms. Li often appeared in the performance of losing three or four. She was still doing one thing in the last second, but she suddenly forgot what she should do in the next second.Essence

After insisting on taking folic acid, Ms. Li found that her memory was effectively improved. This is because certain nutrients in folic acid entered the brain, which can stimulate the activity of brain cells, improve memory, and improve the expression of brain nerve damage.

Women who often throw three or four may insist on taking folic acid to improve.


What should I pay attention to when taking folic acid?

1. It is not appropriate to take it too much, and take 400 ~ 800 mg per day.

2. Folic acid cannot take other drugs such as aspirin, gastrointestinal drugs, antibiotics, and vitamin C.

3. The best time for pregnant women to supplement folic acid should start three months before pregnancy.

4. Before taking folic acid, you must complete it under the guidance and suggestions of a professional doctor. Do not use the medicine blindly, and do not add and subtract the dosage without authorization.

5. In the process of taking folic acid, once a physical allergy response occurs, the medicine must be discontinued in time, and the medical examination will be checked as soon as possible.

After reading this article, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the drugs such as folic acid. It turned out that folic acid was not only suitable for women during pregnancy. Even if normal people were uncomfortable, they could take some properly under the guidance of a doctor.

Do you still know the other use of folic acid?Share a message in the comment area below.

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