Once the four symptoms are found, it implies that you can not get pregnant during ovulation and not scare you!

Due to the pollution of the environment, coupled with the current lack of sexual knowledge and facing abortion again and again, many women who could have been easily pregnant have encountered a problem after marriage, that is, difficulty in preparing for pregnancy.Conceive.

Speaking of pregnancy, some people will be in one time, and how do some people pay attention to ovulation and how to pay attention to the number of rooms in the same room, but they can’t think of things!Today, the nurse Junlai will tell you what it causes you to do more effort to get pregnant. Even if you are ovulation, you cannot get pregnant smoothly!

Once the following symptoms appear, that is, implies that you can not get pregnant during ovulation, pay attention!This is not scaring you!

1. Abdominal discomfort

The lower abdomen has to varying degrees of pain, mostly hidden discomfort. The soreness, swelling, and falling feeling of the waist and back and the 骶 region often exacerbate due to fatigue.Due to the adhesion of the pelvic cavity, there may be bladder, rectal filling pain or pain during emptiness, or other bladder rectal stimulation symptoms, such as frequent urination, severe after urgency, etc., so go to the hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible!

2. Reproductive organ lesion

If the reproductive organs have a lesion or congenital development abnormalities, it will lead to infertility!For example, vaginal malformations and narrowing, which hinders the smoothness of the reproductive channel, and the most direct impact is that the sperm and eggs cannot be combined, so even if the ovulation is normal, it still cannot conceive!

If you have not been successful for more than one year, you can do a comprehensive examination of a hospital to find the reason.

Fourth, fallopian tube adhesion

The fallopian tube is two thin and twisted pipes on both sides of the women’s uterus. It is a pipe that transports egg cells into the uterus. It is also a place for sperm and eggs to complete the fertilization process.Important reason!

Fifth, touch on one or bilateral lower abdomen block or cystic mass

Due to inflammation and fibrosis lesions, the fallopian tube disobed the anatomical structure of the fallopian tube, the accumulation of hardening or the accumulation of inflammatory secretions caused by blockage cannot be discharged, so that the fallopian tube expansion and forms a water -like mass.This also needs to be seek medical treatment immediately!

Therefore, preparation is not a seemingly easy thing. Pre -pregnancy examination is important. Don’t say that I am healthy, because you can’t find some problems yourself, so you still have a pre -pregnancy examination.

Therefore, it is not successful in ovulation during ovulation. These reasons must hinder you, and timely medical treatment is the best way!

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