On the 27th day when my husband went home, his wife found 51 days of pregnancy. Doctors, the guy is more real!

Some people say that men in today’s society are very tired, to make money to support their families, and to accompany their lover more. This matter must be done well.But in fact everyone is not easy to live. How can there be such perfect things in the world?What jobs can we make money and be very leisurely?Many men often travel because they are working on their jobs, so they rarely at home. Presumably everyone is no stranger to the pronouns next door.

Husbands have been working for a while, and their ex -wife did not get pregnant, but after returning, she found that the wife was pregnant.The husband was happy, and hurriedly took his wife to the hospital to check.After the results of the inspection came out, the husband was furious and regretted. He thought he did not prevent the next old king, causing himself to wear a green hat.

How did he conclude that this child was not his?It turned out that he was only 28 days back this time, but his wife had been pregnant for 47 days. The husband told himself that he wanted to calm down. After he sent his wife home, he ran to the hospital to confirm again.The doctor told his wife again for 47 days.

Later, her husband asked his wife to explain to him, but the wife said that she couldn’t stand it. She felt that her husband didn’t trust her and insulted her, so they decided to go to another hospital for examination the next day.

The wife said angrily that he didn’t want to wait for the next day. He had to go right now. The husband looked at his wife more anxious than him. He began to doubt whether he misunderstood his wife.But after the check again, time changed, from 47 days to 51 days.The husband was in a hurry this time, and almost hit someone.

The husband is still unwilling to accept this kind of thing. He confirmed to the doctor as usual as usual that the doctor advised: Don’t care too much, it is possible to happen, just pass it.This time, the husband broke out completely.

The wife was still struggling. She said that she was innocent, because the doctor said that the ovulation and pregnancy period was right. She felt that her husband didn’t trust her and proposed a divorce.Later, the husband also proposed to give birth to the child, and then make a parent -child identification request.However, the wife was a cesarean section when the first child was born. It has not been recovered yet. There will be danger of having a child, so they finally have a miscarriage.

The husband still thinks that she is a guilty conscience, but with the explanation of a professional doctor, the husband feels indifferent.This doctor judged that the number of pregnancy days of pregnant women was calculated according to the day after the last physiological period. It was not calculated from the time of the husband and wife in the same room. Therefore, the conclusion was that the wife did not derail.Doctors have caused contradictions between the two.

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