Oh my god!Zhejiang’s fifth mother broke out of the second child and was pregnant with four twins!

On June 26 last year, Zhejiang’s mother -in -law’s mother successfully gave birth to a woman and three men at the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University.

But they all insist that children are gifts given to them from heaven, and none of them can be lost!So under their persistence, I was pregnant for 21 weeks and started to find a production hospital in advance, but asked several hospitals to refuse them!Until finding Wuhan University Central South Hospital!

After Professor Li Jiafu’s consultation, he arranged various inspections for Ms. Wang and tailored a plan to prevent premature birth.

"The fetus can develop more in the mother’s belly for a day, and the risks and treatment costs after birth will also be reduced." Li Jiafu said.The obstetrics of women and children’s hospitals, pediatrics, and ultrasound medical staff set up a four -birth "escort group" to pay close attention to Ms. Wang’s situation and timely resolve the risk of premature birth.

Ms. Wang, who was pregnant for nearly 27 weeks on May 27, appeared in contractions, which is a precursor to premature birth.Her husband immediately sent her to the obstetrics department of the Maternal and Children’s Hospital of Central South Hospital. After hospitalization and care, she successfully avoided premature birth.

On June 7th, Ms. Wang swollen her right upper limb, and she was worried about the risk of thrombosis. She lived again into the ward.

On June 23, her blood pressure soared, and medical staff immediately conducted various indicators for her body to evaluate the condition of the fetus and control her condition.

Ms. Wang’s belly became higher and higher, and the medical staff were waiting.In the early morning of June 26, Ms. Wang, who was 31 weeks pregnant, had a premature signs of premature birth. The hospital’s pediatrics, obstetrics, and anesthesiologists quickly assembled. After completing the pre -surgery evaluation, she immediately performed a cesarean section surgery.

Successfully gave birth to four hairs, Sanlong Yifeng!

So far, the baby has been more than ten months old. Recently, they have been pregnant with the second child, and they are four twins!Really surprised!It must be saved the universe in the last life!In exchange for today’s good luck!

The second b -ultrasound shows four fetal sacs

Netizens have expressed their blessings!There are many different opinions."Why is this high yield", "I represent the female compatriots in the post -90s, thank you, let us envy and hate women"

I have to admire the courage of Mr. Feng’s wife!Just after giving birth to the twins, and still a caesarean section, can the uterus be held in the twins after ten months?Risk should be quite big!

Seeing the four little cute daily life, I had the idea of having a third child again [Laughs] [Laughs], really envious!

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