Often numbness, maybe there are 8 problems in the body.

When sleeping, I have a pillow of my arm, playing with my mobile phone for a long time, and maintaining a posture for a long time … In these cases, many people will have symptoms of numbness. At this time, it is still a normal category, but if it is frequent hand,Ma, that is to cause vigilance, it may be that you have some kind of disease.

1. Pressure of the upper limb nerve card: The nerve is flowing in the nerve. Once oppressed, the operation of the axis paste will be hindered, and the numbness of the fingers will appear.The atrophy of the muscles affects the fine movements of the hand.

2. Nervous root cervical spondylosis: The most common cause of the hand numbness of the disease usually occurs on the middle -aged and elderly people. In addition to the symptoms of hand numbness, it will be accompanied by muscle soreness in the neck and shoulder.Essence

3. Flat tunnel syndrome: This disease occurs on the people who play mobile phones for a long time, which is caused by compression of tendon sheath inflammation to the middle nerves in the inside of the wristual tunnel.

4. Diabetes: Diabetes is not uncommon in my country. It is a stubborn disease that needs to take medicine for life. It also has symptoms of numbness of fingers. The numb parts are usually at the end of the limbs and are symmetrical on both sides.

5. Hyperlipidemia: Excessive blood lipids in the body can cause blood vessel wall sclerosis, and the blood flow rate of blood becomes slower. The oxygen transported to the cells will reduce hand numbness.

6. Stroke: If you are over 40 years old, and uncomfortable hand numbness, headache, dizziness, etc. often occur, you need to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, because this may be a stroke signal, which may be in danger at any time.

7. Late pregnancy: When the pregnant woman is in the late pregnancy, the hands will have pain and numbness, as if they are acupuncture or burning. The numbness will affect multiple fingers and affect the fine movement of the fingers.

8. Menopausal syndrome: Many women also feel numb in menopause, and after the menopause is over, hand numbness disappears.

1. Pull reinforcement: Straighten your arms down with your palm, press the back of your hand down with the other hand, last for about 10 seconds.After that, you will find a significant improvement.

2. Holding: hold a bottle filled with water in your hand, the palms of your hand down, the wrist slowly lifted up and bent downwards, which lasts for 5 seconds, which helps the wrist force exercise.

3. Massage acupoints: Mainly kneading the Palace acupoint. Laogong acupoint is located between the second and third palm bones.The acupuncture point is below the intersection of the word "people". Massage here can alleviate the numbness of the hand.

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