Obviously the two bars are tested, why did the doctor say that he didn’t want to be pregnant?After reading it, you understand …

One of my patients: Last month, the aunt who came from the 6.1 No. 6.1.On the 1st of this month, there was a pink blood that was lost, for 3 consecutive days

That’s it, then there was no.Menstruation has been delayed for 12 days!

The day before yesterday, I was tested at about 8 o’clock, and I was surprised by the results. There were seals. There were seals. Ovulate paper and early pregnancy paper were available.I couldn’t help telling my husband.As a result, the test the next morning was gone, and a seal was gone. I started to think that the short test strip was not available, so I secretly took the company in the test paper and took the company for 2 hours to take a look.EssenceAs a result, I was ready to work for an hour today. I still planned to take blood to verify it. The waiting for an hour and a mood was very embarrassed. I reported that the doctor took a picture and sent it to me because I was anxious to come back to work.

As a result, I disappointed me so much.If you are not pregnant, your menstruation does not come. Dr. Xie said that I have high lutein, and menstruation is still

To postpone it, let me buy lutenone to eat.My God, I don’t want to eat anymore.Tired.Who can understand, I feel that God is really too pitiful to us.

What is the principle of pregnancy test stick?

The detection principle of the pregnancy test rod is also very simple. It is a quantitative detection of the content of human chorionic gonad hormone in the urine to learn whether it is pregnant.

So, what time is the pregnancy test stick?

Women’s ovulation is around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Assuming fertilization at this time, the fertilized eggs need to produce HCG as soon as 6 or 7 days, and the pregnancy test stick is judged by testing HCG.The HCG really starts to secrete a large quantity is that after the bed is bed, the synthetic nourishing cells begin to secrete a large number of HCG.It takes at least 11 days to bed in bed.Therefore, it takes only 6 days to test the pregnancy inspection stick.Of course, if you want to be more accurate, you will be more accurate after 11 days after pregnancy.

The result of pregnancy can be displayed after 1 minute. After 1 minute, the two bars can be displayed after 1 minute, which shows pregnancy.

The result of not pregnancy must be determined after 3 minutes. It is because in the early pregnancy, the HCG hormone content in the urine is very low, and weak positive results may occur during testing. The weak positive results may not be displayed after 1 minute.With the increase of the response time, two bars can be displayed until 3 minutes. At this time, two bars appear, and you can also think that you are pregnant.

If there is still only one control bar after 3 minutes, it means that there is no pregnancy.

Factors affecting the accuracy of pregnancy test sticks

1. Detection time.HCG usually appears in the urine after a few days of fertilized eggs, and it can only be detected to reach a certain amount.Therefore, women with normal menstruation need to detect HCG in the urine after menstruation delayed.Women with long menstrual cycle or abnormal ovulation need to be detected when menopause is 40-44 days.

2. Dilute urine.If you drink too much water, dilute the urine may cause false negative results.Women who intend to use the pregnancy test stick should not drink a lot of water to avoid affecting the results.

3. There are differences in the morning and evening detection.The best time for the pregnancy test stick test is generally in the morning. The morning urine has a high HCG value compared to other time periods, and the results are more accurate.

4. The pregnancy test stick expires.Note that the production date on the box is not used for the expired pregnancy test stick, because the chemical agent time or improper preservation will be invalid, which will affect the test results.

5. History of pregnancy.In the near future, the test results of the pregnancy test may be affected when there is a recent pregnancy, because HCG can continue to be positive for a long period of time after the end of pregnancy (after childbirth, after childbirth, and abortion).

6. Diseases and drugs.Some diseases and drugs may cause false positive test results, such as blood in the urine, or taking some fertility drugs. Some tumor cells such as hydatidal, fleece, bronchial cancer, and kidney cancer can also promote the secretion of HCG in the body.

B -ultrasound — can be prompted abnormal pregnancy

Pregnancy tests, especially qualitative tests, can only determine whether pregnancy, but it is not determined whether pregnancy is normal.Therefore, once the pregnancy is determined through the blood HCG, whether it is decided to leave the child, you need to continue the B -ultrasound.The B -ultrasound can be checked after a week of menstruation. The longer the menopause time, the better the effect of the inspection.Early pregnancy ultrasound examination can detect the following content:

1. Determine whether you are pregnant;

2. Determine the location, size, form of pregnancy, and whether there are fetal sacs and fetal hearts;

3. Determine the number of embryos, the folding membrane judgment of the twins;

4. Observe the specific development of the embryo, and judge whether there are abnormal conditions such as the stop development of the embryo;

5. Determine whether there is an atomic pregnancy;

6. Check whether there are other gynecological complications, such as uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, attachment cysts, etc.

Therefore, if you want to know if you are pregnant early, you can go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination within 8-10 days after the same room. If you confirm your pregnancy, you should arrange the time to go to the hospital for a B-ultrasound.

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