Obviously not pregnant, why didn’t the "aunt" come?

Women’s menstrual cycle is normal 28 ~ 35 days

But there is no pregnancy,

Why don’t you come?

What happened?

Women who are in fertility periods, after the possibility of pregnancy without contraceptive measures, the delay of menstruation is irregular menstruation.Regarding irregular menstruation, Director Sun Chunxiang, Jinan Maternal and Children’s Hospital, has something to say:

1: What are the causes of menstruation

❶ Endocrine disorders

When women have delayed menstruation, they must first consider endocrine disorders, especially girls and menopausal women, because hormonal disorders cause preliminary menstruation or fast menstruation, menstruation chaos.

息 Emotional is abnormal, irregular work and rest cause menstruation delay

There are inevitable pressures in work and life, but some girls do not learn to release pressure release. The more pressures are accumulated, it is easy for people to cause irritability, soak, overnight online games, mobile games, and so on.These emotional changes and pressures, irregular work and rest, staying up late, etc. can cause menstrual disorders and delay.

❸ Gynecological disease

Without pregnancy, but menstruation has never come, you may have been entangled by gynecological diseases.Such as abnormal ovarian function, etc., it will affect the normal period of menstruation, which can only "see the previous side" for several months.

或 Conditional lesions or drugs cause

Acute chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, uterine dysplasia, etc.Or excessive and frequent use of hormone drugs such as emergency contraceptives.

2: Harm of irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation shows that the menstrual period is shortened or dragged, which will lead to symptoms such as increased weight gain, irritable insomnia, endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, breast hyperplasia, so when abnormal symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid serious seriousness.as a result of.

❶ Triminate pregnancy obstacles

The worst harm to irregular menstruation is that it can cause women’s infertility, the main reason is that it does not ovulate and the luteal function.The factors that cause ovulation are: ovarian lesions.The hypothalamus -pituitary -ovarian axis disorders caused ovulation -free menstruation and amenorrhea. Summon diseases are not ovulation if it affects ovarian function.

贫 causes blood loss anemia

The irregular menstruation of some women is manifested as irregular bleeding or too much menstrual periods.This long -term irregular menstruation can easily cause dizziness, fatigue, panic, etc.

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