Obesity, three high … may be "hungry"!300 million people in the country …

With the improvement of material living conditions, "eating well" replaced "full of eating" and became a new pursuit of food.But do you know, in fact, there are still many people who are "not full" and are in the state of "invisible hunger" in the lack of trace elements!

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According to the UN grain and agricultural organizations, about 2 billion people around the world are suffering from hidden hunger, and China’s hidden hunger population can reach 300 million.

Obviously there is no shortage of food, why are there still malnutrition?Are you recruiting "hidden hunger"?What is "hidden hunger"?Maintaining health of the human body not only requires carbohydrates, lipids, protein and other nutrients, but also 16 types of mineral elements such as iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, and 13 vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and folic acid.

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The so -called "hidden hunger" is in popular terms that the stomach feels full, but it is just carbohydrate, protein, etc. to meet the needs of the body, even excess, and the intake of vitamins and minerals is not enough.The body is a shortage state.

If your staple food is mainly based on the white noodles, you can hardly see the shadow of coarse grains. You usually like to eat meat and taste heavy taste. You rarely supplement enough vegetables and fruits. Be careful that your body is facing a crisis of "invisible hunger".

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This state is not painful and itchy, and it is difficult to detect for a while, so it is easy to be ignored.So, what consequences will nutrition imbalance and hidden hunger bring?

Common hidden hunger crisis

Modern medicine has found that 70%of chronic diseases include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity are all related to the imbalanced intake of human nutrients."Hidden Hunger" has become a "fatal killer" that threatens us healthy!

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The body is in a state of hidden hunger for a long time, and the resistance is prone to decline in resistance, thus inducing some diseases.Common hidden hunger includes iron deficiency, zinc and various vitamins.

Iron deficiency -anemia

If you lose weight without eating meat, or long -term vegetarian food, your body may seriously lack iron.

Iron is an important element that helps to create red blood cells in the body. The lack of iron will lead to a reduction in blood red blood cells, decreased oxygen carrying capacity, and the human body’s resistance will become weaker.

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When the human body is deficient in iron, it is easy to induce iron deficiency anemia.

Data show that one of every five people in my country has anemia, and iron deficiency anemia can make the average child of children lower by 5-8.In addition, there are symptoms such as fatigue and fatigue, decreased attention, decreased attention, brittle nails, poor breathing, abnormally pale skin, hard exercise, and muscle soreness.Nutritional countermeasures recommend that ordinary people’s daily intake is 10-15 mg, and women during pregnancy are 30 mg.Usually add more red meat, nuts, dark vegetables, eggs, etc., and can also supplement vitamin C to promote iron absorption and utilization.

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Zinc deficiency -reduce immunity and affect development

Zinc is an important element of life.Participate in the synthesis of various enzymes and hormones in the body to ensure the normal metabolism of the body, promote intellectual development, and enhance human immunity.Long -term deficiency in the body can cause the taste and appetite to deteriorate, and the body’s nutritional function is reduced, which will affect the development of the body; it will also cause the healing speed of wounds and ulcers to slow down.

Nutritional countermeasure

Zinc’s daily recommended intake is 15mg, women 12mg, 10mg of children 1-10 years old, and 20mg of pregnant women.

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Pay attention to the thickness of daily diet. Oyster, walnuts, and wheat contain more zinc elements, which can be eaten in moderation.

Various vitamins

① Vitamin A

If you do n’t leave your hands on your mobile phone and computer, you can use your eyes to overdo it, which may cause excessive consumption of vitamin A.Vitamin A deficiency can lead to a decrease in dark adaptive ability, night blindness, dry eye, and even cause children to develop slowly and intellectual decline.

Nutritional countermeasure

Vitamin A in carrots, cod liver oil, pork liver, and spinach is rich.

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② Vitamin B1, B2

If you eat more and more fine, you can hardly eat coarse grains, be careful of vitamin B family and dietary fiber serious intake.

Insufficient vitamin B1 intake can easily cause inattention, melancholy, and memory recession; lack of vitamin B2 can cause mucosal diseases, such as corner erosion, cracks, bleeding, etc.

Nutritional countermeasure

The recommended intake of vitamin B1 and B2 is 1.2-1.5mg/day.

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All -wheat, oats, walnuts, kiwi, black rice, etc. are rich in vitamin B1; dairy products, animal liver, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, peanuts, etc. are rich in vitamin B2.

③ Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency will appear

Chronic diseases such as bone headache, hands and foot twitching, muscle weakness and frustration, common chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and coronary heart disease are all related to it.

Nutritional countermeasure

Egg yolk, sea fish, mushrooms, etc. are rich in vitamin D.

The lack of nutrients for a long time, on the one hand, can easily lead to disease, and on the other hand, it will increase the development of some chronic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to high -risk groups.

People who are prone to "hidden hunger"

1. Nutritional demand is large

Such as children, adolescents, pregnancy and lactating women, etc., the demand for nutrients is more demanding than ordinary people, so daily needs to be added more.

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2. Poor eating habits

For example, those who have partial eclipse, picky eaters, snacks instead of dinner or improper diet are often difficult to consume enough, balanced trace nutrients from the diet.

3. Elderly

With the increase of age, teeth fall off, swallowing disorders, etc., will cause the digestion and absorption of nutrients to decrease, and lack correct nutritional knowledge, and it is more likely to "hidden hunger".

4. People with gastrointestinal diseases

Such people often have symptoms such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Due to the insufficient intake and poor absorption of nutrients, there are more malnutrition of varying degrees.

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How to deal with hidden hunger?

Keep in mind the diet pagoda and a balanced diet are the key to avoid hidden hunger, and we must pay special attention to the following points in the process:

1. Supplement according to your own situation

People of different regions and different habits need to be different from the nutrients that need to be supplemented. Therefore, you can check before replenishing the meal to see what you lack and replenish it.

Each person consumes different physical fitness daily, and the nutritional amount of intake is also different, but food pyramids can be used as reference standards.

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Among them, the consumption of milk, soy products, coarse grains, and aquatic products in the diet of Chinese people is far less than recommended. It is recommended that groups need to be appropriately supplemented.

2. Pay attention to cooking methods

Some vegetables can choose to wash first and then cut;

Use more clean, cooking, cold mixing

The low -temperature cooking method is to reduce the loss of water -soluble vitamins, save food nutrition to a greater extent, and less oil and less salt.

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3. Dietary supplement

In special circumstances, food cannot meet the needs of nutrition, and can be supplemented by dietary supplements according to the doctor’s suggestion.

In addition, it is necessary to develop good living habits, not smoking, drinking, and exercising more to promote the absorption of nutrients in the human body and reduce nutritional loss.

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