Obesity is nothing after pregnancy, these changes are the most terrible things

It is said that pregnancy is a woman fighting with death, which is right.Even if you encounter an angel baby, you can’t hold the troubles such as pregnancy, excessive weight, side cutting and other troubles, and you can’t hold a series of problems postpartum.

Postpartum hair loss

About 35-45%of the maternal maternal will have a dry and yellowing condition within 2-6 months after giving birth, and accompanied by different degrees of hair loss.No matter how much your hair is, you can’t stand a lot.I am really worried that I will become bald for a week.

lack of sleep

If you think that pregnancy is tossing enough.Then you will be more tired, because there is only the first step to give birth to a child. From the moment he was born, he was the only mother who relied most relied on.You may be in a short time for a long time after childbirth.

Insufficient milk

In modern life, breast milk mothers are under great pressure.Among them, the most stressful sources are the closest elders and spouse around them.Because the child is small and the lack of nursing knowledge, some people who are uncomfortable and distressed by the child will say that they are not full or milk …In confinement, you may be uncomfortable at any time.

These issues should be more concerned!

Compared to the above problems, mothers are busy to take care of their babies every day and make it easier to ignore:

First of all, the pelvis of mothers will become larger in the afterbirth or cesarean section.This is the postpartum buttocks that expectant mothers often say.To change the big butt of postpartum and prevent various adverse symptoms caused by pelvic relaxation.

Secondly, in the late pregnancy, an increased uterus will expand the abdominal wall and extend, and the rectus muscles on both sides will be separated from the abdomen line -that is, the position of the abdominal white line is separated to both sides.Under normal circumstances, it will slowly recover after a long time, and the rectus muscles will return to the original position to the middle line.However, if pregnant women are twins, huge children, excessive or multiple production of amniotic fluid, or thin abdominal walls, then the following situation is likely to occur -there is a large pit in the abdomen, and some can even be able to even be available.Put in a fist.

Girl recommendation

In response to these two types of problems that are easily overlooked, the girl focuses on the condition of mothers after birth:

The benefits of postpartum yoga

Postpartum yoga is a kind of adjusted yoga, and the mother can practice throughout the stage of her pregnancy.Conditional mothers should start from confinement.Its practice posture is very safe and is customized for pregnant mothers.There are many benefits of postpartum yoga:

1. Help tighten the legs and abdominal muscles and reduce fat;

2. Tighten the breasts to prevent breast sagging after breastfeeding;

3. Relieve and treat postpartum cervical spine and lumbar spine fatigue;

4. Cultivate calm emotions and relieve postpartum depression.

Asian recommendation

Abdominal breathing micro exercise

Just sit on a stool or lie flat, keep the frequency of breathing and the motion of the abdomen.This is also more helpful for restoring core strength.

Lie on your legs

Control the breathing. When you inhale, raise your legs up, raise it to 90 degrees, then exhale, and slowly bend it down.Repeat this action about ten times, and it will be very effective after persistence.

Cat stretch

Sitting on the yoga mat, like a cat.Then, slowly lift your butt, put your two hands on the ground, you can look up when you inhale, and you will have a good effect in five seconds.In the end, remember to exhale, and at the same time, you should stretch your buttocks and maintain a vertical relationship with the ground.This asana is good for the restoration of the back of the waist.

Fantasy chair

This asana is mainly to exercise the muscles of our hips and legs, and also strengthen our core strength.Note that we must use our core to tighten our abdomen.

Not just a baby, the mother should be paid more attention to postpartum mothers.Some more intense exercises can be done after childbirth. Even if you do a relaxed exercise such as yoga, you must choose a suitable posture.Postpartum recovery directly affects the physical condition after postpartum.Everyone must pay attention to it!

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