Now most hospitals are not advocated that there is a reason for caesarean section. After listening to the experts, I will understand

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With the rapid development of society, the fields of economy, medical care, and civilization are constantly improving. In terms of women’s pregnancy and child, people’s thoughts and production methods have also made great progress.Some women are not in good physical fitness. It is difficult to give birth in this case. Therefore, doctors recommend that the maternal cesarean section will be reduced to reduce the danger of the baby and the pregnant woman.Caesarean section.

Some mothers must be puzzled. Why doctors do not advocate caesarean section?There are two sides of everything, there are good sides and bad sides. The same is true of caesarean section. There are many disadvantages. Therefore, many hospitals are not recommended to meet the bodies of the body for cesarean section, and the requirements of caesarean section are becoming more and more stringent.It is not recommended to do it without special circumstances.What’s more, the amount of blood loss in a caesarean section is much higher than the smooth birth. The chance of accidents during the operation is much higher than that of the smooth birth.The second is the problem of anesthetic. It does not require anesthesia to produce, but the cesarean section is not the same. How can there be surgery that is not on the anesthetic, but the production is generally used for semi -hemp. Only when the situation is serious, the general anesthesia will be used.

However, some sensitive mothers are also very obvious about the sequelae of hemp medicine: some mothers will experience dizziness, vomiting and other symptoms after anesthesia, and even signs of allergies.It is the effect of anesthetic, and that is really painful.

Share the personal experience of a pregnant mother.The pregnant mother said that she was a person who was very afraid of pain. When she was a child, she was crying. At that time, she had made a long time of thought.However, as the due date is approaching the pregnant mother, it is more scared, so I discussed with my family and went to the hospital for examination. I hope I can make an appointment to do a cesarean section for my doctor.

However, after a passage, the doctor said that the indicators of her body were very good and did not meet the standard of caesarean section. I originally wanted to persuade the doctor to give her a cesarean section. I did not expect that in the end of the doctor’s explanationEssenceThe suggestions of obstetricians are all listened to, and they are all for the health of maternal and children.

Although there is no medical research that can show that the baby who has a smooth delivery is smarter than the cesarean section, but the smooth baby has passed the squeezing of the mother’s birth canal, and the amniotic fluid in the mouth and lungs can be completely squeezed out. At the same time, the lung function can also be exercised.The skull can also be closed faster.Babies with caesarean section can only use the instrument to suck out the amniotic fluid, which will inevitably cause uncleanness. If the amniotic fluid flows into the lungs, it will easily cause pneumonia.

The baby with a cesarean section is born without any premise. Such a baby will lack some sense of security, and the body and vestibular perception are not exercised. The balance between the two is inseparable from the human body, soSome babies of caesarean section will feel imbalances. The specific manifestation is that the limbs are not coordinated, the sense of balance is not strong, and so on.And as soon as the baby is ionic, the uterus is directly exposed. The body does not contact the mother’s birth canal and the secretion environment, and the physique will be slightly weaker.

After reading this analysis of obstetricians, do you want to choose to give birth or caesarean section?

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