Novel: Wife is pregnant, but the husband forced his wife to drink abortion medicine and forced his wife to have a miscarriage

In the early morning, in the villa.

"Eat it." Bai Shaoqing suddenly spoke, his face was gloomy.

Ji Banxia stood in the center, watching the maids of the five men and five women on both sides of the sofa, and the man who was sitting on the black sofa and the man dressed as white shirts and pants, shook his head in a hurry.

She has faintly knew what was installed in the box.

‘Oh …’ Bai Shaoqing put up the fruit knife played in her hand and stood up and simply ignored her underwear.Ready. "

These words suddenly affirmed the speculation of Ji Banxia’s heart that he wanted to kill their children!

"No!" She shook her head and retreated.

"I am also uncomfortable in Yun Duo’s accident! But you believe me, there must be another hidden affection for this! There must be someone doing hands and feet in my car, otherwise how can my car be out of control!"

Her poorly stepped forward and wanted to drag his sleeves, but was thrown away in the next second!

"Shao Qing ~" Ji Banxia was almost an opening.

"Pour her!"

I don’t want to listen to her justification. Since she hit his favorite sister, it is okay to use the child in her belly!

Bai Shaoqing ordered the servant impatiently, and someone immediately came up to hold the season and half -summer, and forcibly opened her mouth.

"I don’t! Don’t!" Ji Banxia struggled all his strength, almost using hands and feet.

"Pop!" In the panic, the bowl holding the maid’s hand was overturned and smashed on the ground.

One of the scum!

The maid is very embarrassed, "Master, this …"

"He is your child!" Ji Banxia looked at the shadow on the ground with tears.

"Season, half, summer!"

His eyes turned cold, and suddenly he grabbed her shoulders, lifted her whole person, and hit the wall fiercely, with great strength, and several bones overflowed blood.

"From the beginning of your marriage into the Bai family, the Bai family has not had a moment of peace! All of this is the end!"

Since she does not want to take medicine abortion, it may wish to change a way!

Bai Shaoqing’s eyes were cold, and suddenly a severe pain came, and Ji Banxia screamed.

Ji Banxia shook her head desperately, and she wanted to shed tears.

In the eyes, there is a scene of fragrant and passion for the living room.

"It hurts! It hurts!" Ji Banxia’s face was pale.

She just felt that something was slowly passing from her body.

After nearly half an hour of torture, Bai Shaoqing finally let her go, put on a jacket to leave, and Ji Banxia kneeling on the ground.

Touch your hands and touch the blood.


… …

"She had just produced a small property, and was suffered from wind and cold. High fever was 39 degrees." The private doctor Shao Ze took the thermometer, and looked at the woman who was lying in bed without blood.

The four words are described as a terrible.

Bai Shaoqing leaned in front of the floor -to -ceiling window, the pure white shirt cuffs were held to the arm curvature, and there were several scratches on the wheat -colored arm.

"I want me to say that you are too cruel, anyway, it is his own species, as for it? No matter how much the woman has made a mistake, I dare to be sure." Shao Ze cleaned the medicine box.

"What?" Bai Shaoqing looked up at him.

"Her feelings for you!" Shao Ze rolled his eyes silently and added, "At least I dare to say that she is the woman who loves you the most in the South City!"

"What do you want to say?" It is not difficult to hear that Bai Shaoqing’s chest was impressed.

Shao Ze picked up the medicine box, dragged his step towards the door, stopped when he walked to the door, and looked back at him.

"I want to say that Ji Banxia is much better than that of An An, like a little lily, you still have a little bit, don’t regret it in the future."

Before Bai Shaoqing’s face was cold, Shao Ze quickly slipped.

regret?From the moment he married her into the door, he regretted it!

Bai Shaoqing lived for 27 years and would be restrained by a woman, it was ridiculous!

Bai Shaoqing walked out of the bedroom with both hands, standing at the door with two trembling maids.

"Bai Shao …"

Bai Shaoqing was overwhelming, her voice was cold, "I am optimistic about her, don’t do anything."

"Yes, Bai Shao."


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