Novel: Knowing that his wife was pregnant, the husband executed his wife to punish his wife and killed the fetus in the abdomen alive


In the lunar month, the snow was flying.

Yan Wangfu.

The crying crying crying in the garden, Liu Yunlan was forcibly stuck on the ground by the two women, and a subordinate took the rope and came forward to tie her.

"Don’t, don’t hurt my child-" Liu Yunlan struggled, and the neat buns were scattered in the toss. She looked like a lunatic when she looked at her tears.

The mother -in -law tied her to the cross stake behind her fiercely. Liu Yunlan suddenly broke out of her mother’s potential, and she broke free from the mother -in -law.

When she was released, she kneeling to the handsome man’s feet on the side of her, and her long and weak fingers held the man’s robe tightly. "Wang Ye, tomorrow Ye Xiangling married the palace, and the princess would let her, onlyAsk Wang Ye, don’t kill the fetus in my belly, he is also Wang Ye, your biological child! "

"Mother is so vicious, and the child born can only be a scourge! Only a kind woman like Xiang Ling can have both children who have both morality." Jing Yan kicked on Liu Yunlan’s lower abdomen, and the eyebrows were cold.Can’t see the tenderness at all.

"Ye Xiangling is a vicious woman." Liu Yunlan covered her lower abdomen, curled up on the ground and trembled.

She lay in tears and hummed in tears, but was pulled by those women again.

Three years ago, in order to make Jing Yan persecuted by the queen.She asked her father as the prime minister to discuss the emperor and send Jing Yan as a proton as a proton to the enemy country.

I thought that that would let Jing Yan escape the queen’s assassination, but unexpectedly, Jing Yan was regarded as the object of hatred by those imperial people, and did not treat Jing Yan as a prince.

When she learned the truth, in order to let Jing Yan return to Beijing again, she finally accepted the queen’s request to marry the prince Jingrong.

For him, the risk of beheading said that he would marry him.If it weren’t for the prince to protect it, she might have already landed at that time.

I thought that she had misunderstood her explanation. She could be married to Wang Yan in the past six months to torture her and even intensified her.

Thinking of this, her tears settled silently.

No matter how she is struggling now, or she is tied to a stake in the wooden piles.

"Beat, fight heavily until the fetus flows down in her belly." Listening to Jing Yan’s ruthless words, Liu Yunlan cried.

For four months, she was afraid that Jing Yan did not like her child, so she deliberately waited for the child to tell him when the child was inconvenient to miscarriage.

I thought he would read the child that the child was about to take shape and was no longer suitable for abortion. He accepted the child, but he never expected that Jing Yan was so ruthless that he was in a rotten torture and hit her child alive.

As Jing Yan’s voice fell, the subordinates standing on both sides punished her with a wooden stick.

"Ah-" Liu Yunlan screamed in pain.

These people did not feel soft -hearted because of her pain, but they were more powerful than playing at a time.

The child is like sticking to her, and dozens of sticks hit her. She hurts quickly.

Because of this, she got more cruel behavior.

She looked at the stakes, her hair stuck to her sweaty face.

The whole half -column incense time.The child’s feelings are getting stronger, but their sticks are still working hard.

"don’t want–"

"Child-" Liu Yunlan murmured in his mouth.

Without the restraint of the rope, she was paralyzed to the ground at once.

Looking at the blood on the snowflake, she desperately put those snow circles stained with blood like a lunatic, as if she could keep the child.

She was difficult to crawl to Jingyan’s feet, and the blood stains stained on the skirt dragged the ground with a bloodshot, which was shocking. "Save our children, please-"

"Inconsistent delusion." Jing Yan kicked Liu Yunlan’s hand, and left his head without returning.

Liu Yunlan was lying weakly on the ground, and the pain from the lower abdomen intensified.Looking at Jingyan’s back, her heart was getting farther and farther. Her heart was like dripping blood, but she couldn’t hate it.

In love, the person he loves even more is destined to be more humble.Moreover, things have become a responsibility that she can’t get rid of it.

Looking at the lower -looking subordinates around, Liu Yunlan’s tears dropped, and the feeling of dizziness made her lose her consciousness most …

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