Novel: Female chasing men, single female lead, love, female respect

Listening to Jin Zhiya’s words, Long Xi nodded and said, "What you say is reasonable, but this is just a big manifestation, which means that I can’t help me. For me, I would rather be single for a lifetime, and I don’t want to make together."

"Then you are really amazing, I can’t bear the loneliness. Every day, watching those show men shake in front of me, and I can’t do it with water. Forget it, don’t say this, talk about you, last night, youWhat delicious boyfriends do you do for you? "Jin Zhiya asked interested.

"He was injured yesterday, and he didn’t do anything, so he made some instant noodles." Long Xiyue said and turned on the phone.

"Instant noodles, I thought … I go, do you say this is instant noodles?" When he saw the photo, Jin Zhiya was shocked.

Tomato soup, sausages, eggs, beef, green peppers, green vegetables, instant noodles, and re -engraved the packaging bag.

"I’m going, where did I buy instant noodles, why have I never eaten such instant noodles?"

"It may be that you have no good man who can cook!" Long Xiyue teased.

Jin Zhiya was lying on the table and sorrowful, "Oh my god, I have a bitter life, and as a result, I have to eat your dog food every day.

"It’s what you want to see, it’s not me forced you." Long Xi shrugged.

"Well, you really didn’t force me, I was looking for abuse. This is like chasing the drama CP. It is very enjoyable, but it is uncomfortable. I envy the feelings between you!" Jin Zhiya said with a complicated mood.

"Don’t be envious. If you really imagine me, you should make it clear to your one, don’t delay each other." Long Xiyue patted her shoulder and said.

"This matter … let’s talk about it later! By the way, which part of you developed now?"

"Which part?"

"Is it on the body, kissing, going to bed, or directly?" Jin Zhiya asked with an old Si Ji.

Long Xiyue smiled slightly and shook his head, "Not yet!"

Jin Zhiya couldn’t believe, "Did you do nothing, but you have been living together, in this case, you should have done it!"

"Cohabitation is a cohabitation, but the two of us sleep in separate rooms. After all, in some ways, the time we know is not too long.Said.

Jin Zhiya gave her a thumbs up, "I admire, or you have the patience. If you want to put it in me, you have been going to bed for a long time. It is no wonder that you can chase such a good boy. It seems that focusing and hard work is really useful!"

"He is really good, so I cherish the encounter with him very much. Although I also think, I still want to take it slowly."

"This is indeed. It’s really better to come slowly. I feel that you should be an envious of everyone. You must cherish it well. Don’t do it like me like me."Jin Zhiya patted her shoulder with emotion and said.

"Ok, I know."

After lunch, the two came to the lounge.

Jin Zhiya opened the cigarette case and took out a piece and handed it to Long Xiyue, "Come one."


"Hey, come, just one!"

"Oh well!"

Long Xiyue failed to resist the temptation in the end, and then smoked after receiving the cigarette.

Slowly spit out cigarettes, she closed her eyes and enjoyed, sighed: "This cigarette is really good!"

"Of course, a box of hundreds of dollars, I was willing to buy a box for a month, and I was usually reluctant to take it out." Jin Zhiya called out the cigarette and watched Long Xiyue asking: "In the past few days, how do you have you?Don’t you smoke, aren’t you pumping frequently before? "

"Stop doing."

"Quote? Why is it because of your boyfriend? He asked you to quit."

"No, he didn’t know that I smoked, I didn’t dare to smoke in front of him." Long Xiyue shook his head and said.

"Then what are you afraid of, maybe he doesn’t mind!"

"Even if he doesn’t mind, I don’t intend to smoke, and second -hand smoke is very harmful. And … it is not good for the body, especially for the fetus."

"The fetus?" Jin Zhiya was surprised, "Are you pregnant?"


"Then this is your fart. People are talking about smoking during pregnancy. It will have an impact. You don’t have a kind of belly, you are afraid of a fart!"

"In case, the habit of smoking is not good at first. You can quit while you are young, so you can quit! You will smoke less in the future. Even if you don’t think about yourself, you should think about your future children."Long Xiyue said.

Jin Zhiya: ʕ • • • ʔ …

"Since they all say that, why are you still smoking?"

"I have been for too long, I want to release it." Long Xiyue said with a sigh of relief.

"Sure enough, it is difficult to quit smoking. I have tried to quit smoking like you before, but I couldn’t help it in a few days." Jin Zhiya said with each other.

"You seem to be misunderstood, I’m not talking about smoke."

Jin Zhiya:?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

"Oh roar, I understand!" Jin Zhiya exposed Lao Si Ji’s second understanding, saying, "After all, it is a young man. Of course, you can’t help living with your boyfriend. This is also no way."

Long Xiyue shook his head, "No, I could hold back before, but … a little condition happened last night, beyond my expectation."

"The situation? What situation?"

"He …" Looking back at last night’s experience, Long Xiyue once again rippling his heart and sucking his cigarettes fiercely.

"I seduce me."



In the school restaurant, Lu Ming stared in the front of him coldly.

In front of the table next door, a man was sitting on a woman’s leg, and the two kissed enthusiastically. The picture made him uncomfortable, and even wanted to go up to the two.

"What’s wrong, the little couple Xiuen loves you." Lin Kai said.

"I just can’t get used to it, even if it is outside, this is a cafeteria. I have to eat dog food for a meal, which is too appetizing." Lu Mingqi said.

"Is this weird? This is obviously your problem. You say you are so handsome and so popular. It is not easy to want a girlfriend. Girls in the school will pick you up!" Lin Kai said.

As he said, Lin Qingxuan, a beautiful girl, came over with the dinner plate, and sat next to Lu Ming after being consent.

"Look, this is not the one! How about Lin Qingxuan, people are beautiful, have good figure, have a good study, and have a gentle personality. They are dedicated. There is no boyfriend for three years in college."

"Have you ever made a boyfriend in the past three years?" Lu Ming looked at Lin Qingxuan in surprise.

"No." Lin Qingxuan said nervously.

"No one pursues you?"

"Yes, I refused."


"Nonsense, why do you say!" Lin Kai talked: "She ran over all day to find you, it’s not because I like you!"

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