Non -pregnancy young female amenorrhea bleeds, alert to pituitary tumors

Polar News January 27th (Reporter Zheng Jingjing Correspondent Ma Yaoyao) Pyntine tumor is a general benign endocrine system tumor in the central nervous system.In life, when some young women who are not pregnant have no reason for more than half a year, and accompanied by symptoms such as lactation and headache, or some citizens find that they are getting bigger and bigger within a few years, and their fingers become thicker and skin.Beware of symptoms such as roughness may be the calamity of pituitary tumors.How to get a pituitary tumor early?How should I treat it after discovering?Recently, Jimu News "Citizen has a lecture in the Chu Tian Famous Medical College" program, and invited Li Jun, director of neurosurgery of Wuhan Central Hospital, explained to readers.

Expert business card:

Name: Li Jun

Title: Director, Chief Physician, and Master’s Graduate Tutor of Wuhan Central Hospital

Good at: pituitary tumor surgery, intracranial vascular disease treatment, craniotomy treatment, intracranial tumor lesions resection

Outpatient time: Wednesday morning (Nanjing Road District), Monday morning (Houhuyuan District)

Pyntoma is younger

"A pituitary is the largest endocrine organs in the human body. Pyntioma is a common benign endocrine system tumor in the central nervous system. The incidence accounted for about 10%of the total number of intracranial tumors. Pynticoma can lead to endocrine disorders.Psychological damage is seriously damaged. "Director Li Jun said.

He introduced that pituitary tumors occur between the age of 20 and 40. Women are slightly more common, and the disease of the disease has shown a younger trend.Pyntoma can be divided into pituitary micro -adenoma, pituitary tumor, huge adenoma, or huge invasive adenoma according to its size.

So, how to detect pituitary tumors early?Director Li Jun said that these symptoms need to be concerned: for example, young women who are not pregnant have no reason for more than half a year, and accompanied by symptoms such as lactation and headache, after excluding related diseases, consider intranchmarking tumorThe infertility and secondary sexual characteristics are caused by whether it is a pituitary adenoma; some citizens have vision loss and vision defect, thinking that there is a problem with vision, but in fact, they have suffered from pituitary tumors.Sublays and poor spirit, thinking that they are older, but also the symptoms caused by pituitary tumors; in addition, some citizens have found that they are getting bigger and bigger in several years, the cheekbones change, the forehead becomes widen, the sound is getting lower and lowerThe symptoms of limb hyperemia with thickening fingers and rough skin need to be paid attention.

He reminded that when the citizens have the above symptoms, do not hold the idea of "headache medical head, foot pain medicine".Five items and thyroid dysfunction are investigated on pituitary tumors.The diagnostic results are best to analyze the neurosurgeons and endocrine doctors of the regular hospital. After a comprehensive evaluation of a specialist, further magnetic resonance examinations are conducted, and further treatment plans are selected according to the nature of the pituitary tumor and the size of the tumor body.

Female patients with fertility are recommended to perform surgery

What if the pituitary tumor is found?Director Li Jun said that after the patient was diagnosed with pituitary tumors, whether he was treated with drug treatment or surgical treatment. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital to find a department with rich experience in pituitary tumors to seek diagnostic programs.

He said that patients with prolactinoma in the cerebral pituitary tumor are now preferred.In addition, drug therapy is also applicable to thyroid hormone tumors, which can reduce serum hormone value and reduce tumor body.

However, Director Li Jun also suggested that for young, fertilized female pituitary tumor patients, minimally invasive surgical treatment can be performed.He said that the current commonly used surgical method is endoscopic surgery of the nasal butterfly. This surgery belongs to minimally invasive surgery. Without cranial, using neuroscopic technology can directly reach the part of the surgery from the nostril.He introduced that not long ago, he had been diagnosed with a 28 -year -old female patient. He had not been pregnant for many years after marriage and irregular menstruation.The patient and husband did not find any problems when conducting a local inspection. Later, he went to Wuhan Central Hospital for medical treatment, and found that she had suffered from intranchediac tumors.pregnant.Director Li Jun performed micro -sketching of nasal pyro tumors for the patient. The patient’s menstruation returned to normal after surgery, and he was pregnant smoothly after half a year.

Director Li Jun also reminded that after surgery, patients should also follow up and follow the medicine to take medicine. "In general, pituitary tumors are not terrible as long as the treatment specifications are standardized."

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