Noise is the "natural enemy" of pregnant mothers and fetuses. You must avoid it as much as possible. Please pay attention to 6 o’clock

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Introduction: The place where we live is full of noise, but this noise is a "natural enemy" for pregnant mothers and fetuses, which will affect their health.You need to avoid it as much as possible, you may wish to pay attention to six o’clock.

Noise will not only affect the mood of pregnant mothers, but also indirectly affect the fetus in the stomach.Some studies have shown that babies that have been bred in noise for a long time are often weak and sick. The number of illnesses during infants and young children is 3 times more ill than the babies breed in a quiet environment.It has a certain effect on avoiding noise.

1. In concert in a quiet environment

It is best to do such an important thing at home. Relatively speaking, the home is the quietest environment, and it is safe and hygienic, and it is easy to be disturbed outside.

2. It is best not to go for some party pregnant mothers

If you go, you feel too noisy to leave in advance. Some pregnant mothers like to wear headphones to listen to music, but they are already noisy in public.If you listen to music, it will be louder than usual, which is also a kind of noise that is not good for health.

3. Avoid the disturbing sound of pregnant mothers

In addition to the sound outside, there are actually some sounds at home, even if it is mild, it may feel irritable for the mother.For example, the sound of prospective dad read the book and the sound of watching TV may make him irritable.

4. The detailed noise anti -noise method in the family

If the pregnant mother’s bed is close to the air -conditioned refrigerator, she will also hear noise, it is best to keep her away.

On the other side of my bedroom is the living room of someone else’s house. If the other child’s child has a loud voice, we can hear it here, so I changed the bedroom to sleep when I was pregnant.

5. Eat some food to relieve

It is inevitable that we live in this environment.You can eat more fruits and fruits in your diet, as well as foods with vitamin B1 and vitamin C, which is beneficial to the human body and can alleviate the harm of noise.

6. Don’t ignore 要

If the mother -in -law lives together, the old man always loves to be cherished, even if he cares for pregnant mothers, but the pressure on the words will make the pregnant mother irritable.They will instruct pregnant mothers to eat this and that, don’t do this, don’t do that, this is no different from noise. This sound will also make the pregnant mother irritable, so the prospective father should do a good job of mediation.

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