No pregnancy, where is milk

Zhang Ran and Lin Wei are preparing to ask their children, but after a few months, Zhang Ran’s belly still has no movement. She thinks that her menstruation is not abnormal. Perhaps the contraceptive pills that have been taken before are still playing a role and affecting pregnancy.They decided to try again for another three months.But after two months, there was still no movement.

In the next month, Zhang Ran felt that the breast had slight pain, and the milk overflowed with a little milk after squeezing.Lin Wei heard that women who were pregnant will have the phenomenon of breast bloating and pain, thinking that this is a precursor to pregnancy, which is overjoyed.But Zhang Ran’s "Auntie" came as scheduled.At this moment, the two were anxious. Lin Wei took Zhang Ran to the infertility department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital to see what was the reason.

Zhang Ran was anxious to tell the doctor about the distress that he had not taken any contraceptive measures in the past half a year, but he was not pregnant. He also asked how people who were not pregnant would have milk.Dr. Yang smiled and said, "The results of this problem come out, I will explain it to you. You can do a routine examination of six hormones first, and then do a uterine fallopian tube film to see if the uterine fallopian tube is unobstructed.Too a semen check. "

Dr. Yang’s words surprised Zhang Ran, "Why do hormone examinations?" Zhang Ran asked.

"The cause of infertility is multi -faceted, with internal and external environmental factors, physiological and psychological factors, uterus, ovarian, tubal, organs any problems such as any problems.If you overflow your breasts without pregnancy, it is likely that the hormone in the body is making a strange. "Dr. Yang said to hand over the test sheet to Zhang Ran.(LH), estradiol (E2), progesterone (prog), prolactin (PRL), and testosterone (T). "

After checking, Dr. Yang took the test sheet carefully and looked at it carefully. It seemed that the root cause of the problem had been found. She pointed to one of the items to Zhang Ran: "Based on this, I can have preliminarily determined that you are suffering from hypertrophymia.Caused by infertility. The PRL is significantly higher than the normal value. This hormone promotes the effect of breast development and lactation in the late pregnancy and lactation of pregnant women."What is the relationship between this hormone and infertility?" Zhang Ran asked.

"I am about to explain this problem to you. When there are too many secretions in the body, it can inhibit the secretion of the pituitary gonadotropin, and directly affect the synthesis of the ovaries, reduce the level of serum estrogen levels, and at the same time cause ovarian dysfunction and reduce ovulation.Or without ovulation, even amenorrhea, which leads to infertility. So in order to find out the cause more clearly, you also need to do a threshold of the nuclear magnetic resonance of the brain to check whether the pituitary lesions. "Dr. Yang patiently explained to Zhang Ran to Zhang Ran very patiently to Zhang Ranlisten.

After the MRI examination, Zhang Ran was confirmed that Zhang Ran had pituitary micro -adenomas.When she heard that she had a tumor, she was anxiously found Dr. Yang and asked: "How do you treat this situation like me? How long is it? Do the tumor be removed? Can she still be pregnant after cure?" Dr. Yang told her told her that she told her: "Your situation is relatively mild, just take drug treatment." Then Dr. Yang prescribed the drug bromine pellet that reduced the prolactin and the ovation -promoting drug.

In the next month, Zhang Ran strictly took the medicine on time in accordance with Dr. Yang’s instructions, paying attention to rest and diet nutrition. After a month, the prolactin dropped, and soon she was pregnant with her baby.

▲ What is hyperculfinemia?

Line -linsein is also called prolactin, which is one of the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland.In the late pregnancy and lactation, the secretion of prolactin secretion is strong to promote breast development and lactation.Non -pregnant women’s serum levels in serum generally do not exceed 25 ng / ml.If this value exceeds this value, a syndrome characterized by amenorrhea, milk overflow, ovulation -free, and infertility is called hypertexylasmia (HPRL).

▲ What are the causes of hyperdimiamia?

Hypermiamia is divided into physiological hyperburin ledin and pathological hypertomycin.There are many causes of pathological hyperburnemia. The most common is the pituitary prolactin, primary or secondary thyroid dysfunctional disorders and certain drugs.

▲ What clinical manifestations of hyperculfinemia?

Patients with hyperculfinemia often have menstrual disorders, breasts, and infertility.Menstrual disorders, including primary and secondary amenorrhea, such as scarcity and too little menstruation, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, luteal incomplete function; overflowing milk, typical hyperculfinemia manifestations as amenorrhea-milk spill syndrome, squeezing milk is squeezed as squeezingThe occurrence of breasts is water -like, slurry -like or milk -like; infertility is caused by ovulation without ovulation, and no follicle luteinization syndrome is caused.

▲ How to treat hypertexylin ledmia?

The treatment of hyperculfinemia includes drug treatment, surgical therapy, and radiation therapy.The drugs include secreting prolactin and ovulation -promoting drugs. The therapy of bromine therapy is suitable for various types of hyperculin ledmia. It is also the preferred therapy for pituitary glandular tumors (micro/giant gland tumors).Ovaement of ovation -promoting drugs is often used for infertility treatment.Surgical and radiation therapy is mainly targeted at tumor, such as the treatment of pituitary tumors.”But "breastfeeding" in advance”

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