No measures, but I can’t hold on to drink ginger tea to make me successful

I have been married for 8 months, and I may not have taken about 10 months, but I have never conceived.I have always been on the holidays, and I have been abnormal. I have taken Chinese medicine, western medicine, and ovulation before, and have always been more than 40 days, and there is no fixed time.And when you come to the holiday, you will have back pain, stomach pain, chest pain, torture to death.I did n’t deliberately make people in the past few months, nor did I do too much. I did n’t start paying attention to this problem until I was preparing for children in March this year.Playing urine in the grapefruit, but I still measure my whiteboard every time, my heart

Later, they discussed with her husband to go to the hospital for examination if they would not be pregnant. Her husband said that how young would he be pregnant, and then he stopped and did not deliberately recreate people.

In May, when I saw that ginger tea can warm the palace, can regulate menstruation, I bought it with a mentality of trying it. Although it is a bit expensive, the strong ginger flavor is really not good, but I still insist on drinking.It really didn’t hurt as before in June, so I decided to drink it all the time.

In early July, my mother -in -law heard that there was a doctor’s irregular menstruation, but because I didn’t go to it, I still said that I was going to check it a few days ago. In fact, I took me to see the irregular menstruation.My mother -in -law is worried about me infertility, obviously everyone knows

Recently, I have been busy, and I haven’t taken care of the holiday for a few days. Last week, 5 breasts began to hurt, and my stomach would be a little painful. I always thought that I was going to take a holiday, but I didn’t come yesterday.What are the problems, all kinds of symptoms of holidays, but never come, look at the record that it was on June 15th last time.

Yesterday, I got home at 10 o’clock in the evening. I just had early pregnancy at home. I took it out and tried it. As a result, a few seconds of seconds were red. I did n’t believe in my eyes.I found the packaging in the pile and looked at it a few times to forgive me for being at a loss. At that time, I was really stunned.

In a hurry to show her early pregnancy, I was so happy that the tears came out. [, This is called joy and weep

I thought about this at night I couldn’t sleep, happy, and afraid of measuring wrong, so I tested it again this morning, still the two red bars.

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