Niu Aifang’s couple empty the old house. The refrigerator is the most valuable home. Experts: Pregnancy is not suitable for moving

Guizi: When the Niu Aifang and his wife updated a old house collapsed, the collapsed place was the back of the house. Although it did not affect life, they were afraid of accidents. The family decided to move.Niu Aifang’s mother contacted a person named "Gui Ling" and decided to move to her house for a while.As soon as this video was released, questioning the sound came one after another, living in a big villa, Apple mobile phone, hoe digging, and so on.

Regarding the doubts of netizens, the Niu Aifang and his wife will never care, so even if they are questioned, they will move around, and no one can stop them from moving to the big villa.

Today, Niu Aifang updated a video, and the whole family began to clear the old house and moved.Niu Aifang and her father -in -law moved the bed shelf, cabinet and other heavy objects to the yard. Xiaochunhua and her mother packed the beds and the food stored. I did not see the shadow of Niu Aifang’s mother throughout the process.

The whole family is busy, among the furniture moved by Niu Aifang and her father -in -law, the refrigerator is the most valuable home.The other furniture is wood, which looks like it is in the refrigerator.No wonder they are going to move, can they live in the old house where the wind leaks in the summer in the summer?Niu Aifang has a big villa and lives in a house where air conditioning and floor heating are not more comfortable than living.

In the process of moving, Niu Aifang did not do much work, but netizens questioned: Can you move your pregnancy?Experts said that pregnancy is actually not suitable for moving.If you move, moving heavy objects may have a miscarriage.Secondly, moving is not conducive to maintaining the physical and mental health of pregnant women, and it also has a certain impact on the healthy development of the fetus.

In addition, when pregnant women move, do not move the needle, line, and scissors. According to legend, the children born in this way may be defective.In fact, all fetuses have about 2%to 3%when they are born. Perhaps this is the saying that some small parts of uncertainty gradually form. This statement is unreasonable.

Moving should settle in the pregnant woman in advance. Even a woman with a strong body can not stand this toss.During the pregnancy of Xiaochunhua, he moved heavy objects and worked with farmers. The stomach was not obvious.Now even moving is not suitable for things that do during pregnancy.Don’t blame netizens to suspect that their behaviors are saying that Xiaochunhua is not pregnant.

After they move, the new script is about to begin. Borrowing in other people’s house, it is a bit wrong to shoot videos.In addition, if they move to others, they are willing to appear, would they appear in the photo?If the owner does not appear, he can sit down. The house he moved was Niu Aifang himself.If the owner appears, netizens will say that it is a new actor. In short, no matter what they do, they will be questioned.

The controversial Internet celebrities should be blocked. Those controversial Internet celebrities have been blocked one after another.Compared to them, I think the Niu Aifang couple is more serious. At least they do not pretend. The Niu Aifang couple are installed from head to toe.

Conclusion: I hope that this kind of influencer without any integrity can be blocked. Don’t come out to mislead netizens and mislead teenagers.Fans have fewer day than a day, do you know where he is?This kind of influencer is not worthy of being liked. I hope that everyone will keep their minds awake and eliminate this kind of influencer. What do you think?Welcome to leave a message and forward in the comment area.

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